VW PASSAT – Only 4-star NCAP rating?

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There’s a rumour going around the automotive sector that the 5-star rating on the VW Passat is to be withdrawn. There’s speculation about a recently discovered fault relating to seat-belt warning light functionality that will drop the coveted 5-star rating to a 4-star rating. We’re told this explains massive discounting of the Passat in the market recently. If it’s true, there won’t be many Passats entering the corporate sector as a 5-star rating is now expected by most Fleet Managers.

Crash Management is eager to learn the truth of the matter – is there anyone from the panelbeating sector or wider automotive industry who can shed some light on the question?

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  1. Robert Jones
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    Could be true. European Motors would never say. Keep your eye out for the recalls. AA gave Passat the thumbs up in the Herald this morning but they’re owned by AA Insurance and they don’t always get it right either. I see the earlier article about the AA Insurance assessing and repair depot, spot on, anyone making an AA Insurance claim should beware! Of course they won’t be doing any big smashes on Passatts there, just the easy stuff for the Philapino crew right.

  2. Hammer Head
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    Not suprised to see this. We had a new Passat in not that long ago. Insurance company total lossed it because no collision repair specs availible.

  3. Bruce Barnam
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    I’ve heard about this ands see the Herald this morning, the news just keeps getting worse for VW. Now their being sued for $20 billion dollars for lying about their dirty diesel emmissions. They’ve been caught with their pants down big time and everythings waving around. They won’t be able to give away diesel Golfs and Passatts in the US and I don’t think clean green kiwis will want them either.

  4. Shane Mitchelll
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    More VW scandal in the paper this morning. Its turning totally toxic and their NZ managers still saying “no nothing wrong with our cars because they’re all from Europe not the US”. Yeah right! Haven’t seen the VW safety rating cheating in the papers though but wouldn’t be surprised now. Anyway the structural repair specs are hard to get hold off so could be right.

  5. Carly Adams
    | Reply

    This is alarming! We’ve all seen the media lately about the emission scandal but I didn’t know about the safety rating cheating. This is BAD. We’ve had a few VW’s in the family and a major accident in the Golf a couple of years ago, it was an insurance claim but they wrote the car off. Lucky we had a Crash Management free courtesy car and you helped us through the drama. Probably no more VW’s for us now tho!

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