THE FUTURE IS HERE – The Crash Repair Shop revolution

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Does this look like just a 2-day job? – Yes it is!

side scrapeThe traditional collision repair methodology is slow and fragmented with multiple time-consuming operations including fillers, priming process, colour/base coats and top clear coats – and all the extensive drying times between each step. No wonder a small fender-bender took a week to crawl through the panel shop, into the paint refinishing shop and finally out the door. Factor in the added week long quoting/parts procurement/assessing/authorisation process before work can even begin, and customers struggle to understand why a small car crash repair took so long.

The revolution is here. “Smart repair technology”. Smart repair technology uses different (and very expensive) products in conjunction with very smart production methodologies in order to significantly reduce between-process down-time. This allows a conveyor-belt approach to cycle vehicles through the repair and paint shops much faster. Consider the typical “small car crash” involving minor damage along the side of the vehicle end-to-end, historically a week long job, this can now be turned around in two days. Bumper replacements – in and out in one day.

Smart repairs used in conjunction with the growing awareness of the Theory of Constraints to improve work design, may be the way to save a trade under constant pressure to reduce cost in order to survive. A win for the industry, and the resulting reduction in vehicle time-off-the-road will certainly a win for the customer!

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  1. Justin
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    Smart Collision in Christchurch already has this technology and it knocks old style panelbeating on its head. They can do a tow truck job and a repaint in a week. Probably the best crash shop in NZ. The problem still is getting qualified collision technicians that can do the work.

  2. Leslie Franks
    | Reply

    Interesting article Crash, I didn’t realise the panelbeating business was so complicated! Thanks for keeping us brokers up to date with changes. Our firm appreciates working with the Crash Team – our clients love the service so you make us look good! This is a real value add fleet management service all businesses should have access to. Thanks again, Leslie.

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