Crash Management greatly appreciates the support received from our favorite business channel, the insurance broker sector, so for the rest of the year we’d like to say THANK YOU. See more at…/10193-dab6bc71-00d9-40c2-8607-0ed90c4…/ and go in the draw to win!IQ College logo

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  1. Rob
    | Reply

    Give aways for the insurance brokers again Crash? How about a little something for the hard working panelbeaters that do all the real work! Just kidding. We appreciate the business too and its good to know you’re putting collision repairs where they should be done- at the high quality panel shops that are qualified to do the work and invest in technical standards and equipment. More than we’re seeing from Vero last week. What’s your view on the so called SMART repairers?

    • Karen Knight
      | Reply

      hi Rob and thanks. YES we absolutely do appreciate our business partners at the quality end of the collision repair industry. and YES we have seen the Vero promotion of their SMART repair concept. There are a couple of glaring alarm-bells – bumper/guard sprayed in place (far from best practice repair approach!), no guard to bonnet blend on a gold coloured 15 year old car (that’ll be an interesting result!), partial painting on the bumper corner only, etc. Thanks for highlighting the issue. We understand these SMART panelbeating shops are being trialed in Auckland and Christchurch now. We’ll post the video shortly so the public can make up their own minds about the ‘value’ offered.

  2. Leslie Franks
    | Reply

    Awesome! Our office really appreciates the great service Crash Management delivers for our clients especially the free courtesy cars, and we know they’re hard to get and/or customers otherwise have to wait for ever, don’t know how you do it but the response and service from your team is fantastic, friendly and fast!

    On another note, have you see the SMART repair video Vero sent out last week? If not let us know and I’ll send you the link. Interesting!

  3. Alan
    | Reply

    This is great, many thanks to Karen and the Crash Team. Appreciate the CPD training opportunity and I’ll definitely be in to win!

  4. Alan
    | Reply

    Karen, just saw your reply to Rob above about the Smart repair video. We watched that too and had to chuckle about the ‘great service’ when the client delivered her car for the scheduled repair and was told the parts weren’t in stock so she’d have to go away and come back another time! This is precisely why we rely on Crash Management to organise the claim, assessing, repair bookings etc – much faster and more efficient, our clients don’t have to do anything and we have the confidence of knowing the y’re receiving the best possible service standards at the best quality panel shops. Great service and you make it look so simple. A lesson here for the global brand underwriters I think!

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