The rate of change within the motor vehicle industry over the past 10 years has been unprecedented. Cars are no longer constructed simply of heavy mild-steel weld-together panels, they involve sophisticated technologies, a range of steels, alloys and aluminium body parts, computers and complex safety systems. Accident repair technology and methodology has evolved faster in this period than its entire 100 year history combined.

Late-model vehicles are designed and built to very high levels of specification, performance and complexity. Adjustment and tolerance margins are critical, and structural repair methodologies are both model-specific and highly sophisticated. Professional motor vehicle accident management ensures superior cost-effective results. View this video to see modern vehicle construction and safety features, and crash test results.

  Crash Management automotive repair service – FAQs

The top performing service providers within the collision repair market must have significant and continuous investment in facilities, technology, equipment, training and customer service. The Crash Management network meets or exceeds these standards.

You can expect:

  1. Collision repairs to manufacturers specifications including ICAR standards. This protects the integrity and value of the vehicle, and future driver safety.
  2. Computer-based collision repair estimating; accurate, definitive, and transparent
  3. Technologically advanced repair equipment, ensuring accuracy and correct repair methodology of all steel types including structural components.
  4. Advanced chassis straightening equipment, ensuring alignment and steering is reinstated to manufacturers specifications.
  5. Computerised link to paint manufacturer and colour formulas, ensuring precise matching.
  6. State-of-the-art baking ovens, ensuring temperature, environmental and safety controls. Noise, dust, fumes and toxic waste contained and eliminated, or reduced toregulatory environmentally friendly standards.
  7. Quality control checks at each milestone point within the repair process and of course comprehensive quality inspection on completion, ensures defect-free delivery.
  8. Professional accident management provides you with total peace-of-mind in the unlikely event of delayed fault detection, including any aspect of paint finish, component fitment and/or operation, alignment, and the ever elusive mystery ‘rattle’ or ‘squeak’. Crash Management is 100% independent and provides customer advocacy to optimise results.