Structural Collision Repair Guarantees

Celette 3D chassis bench

In recognition of the critical importance of ensuring all structural collision damage is repaired to the manufacturer’s specifications, a new Code of Practice and Guarantee has been developed.

Crash Management contracts only certified Structural Repair Centres for repairs involving significant damage and this provides clients with benchmarked quality standards that are traceable and can be proven.  The new industry Code of Practice and Guarantee will further underpin this. The initiative has been under development for over 5 years and has involved the NZTA, MTA & the Collision Repair Association, and is finally scheduled for implementation in April 2016.

Structural repair technology is now extremely sophisticated and model-specific, and repair  methodologies are extremely complex and highly skilled.  Engaging non-qualified or non-current service providers therefore not only risks the integrity and value of a modern vehicle, but also poses a significant Health & Safety risk.  With the pending H&S legislation changes taking effect on April 4th next year, the new Code of Practice is very timely.  Company vehicles are a place of work so the fleet will need a documented vehicle use policy, a 24/7 emergency driver rescue & repatriation programme, and professional expert accident management practices.  The cost of compliance is a lot less than you might think.   Crash Management can help ensure your fleet avoids breaching the new legislation and the high penalties that apply.  Contact MD Karen Knight now to ensure your fleet is compliant in time for April 2016.


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  1. Broker 1979
    | Reply

    Who would know panelbeating was so complicated! There’s obviously more going on behind the scenes to fix new cars now and all looks very technical. It looks like you’d need a science degree for collision repairs these days. I must say that working with Crash Management does make everything appear very ‘easy’ our clients appreciate the service and especially the free late model courtesy cars are a big bonus. Free pick up and delivery is extremely helpful too. Thanks Crash!

  2. Villliami
    | Reply

    Be better than rubbish panelbeating job on my crashed car other guys folt but still crap insurance make me pay five hundred dollars USELESS insurance!

  3. Justin Kane
    | Reply

    Definately a positive for the panelbeating industry. The CRA does some good work with training and industry standards but still half the panel trade is totally unregulated and has no standards because CRA membership is voluntary and that needs to change. At least the public can rely on any CRA registered panel and paint shop being a guaranteed standard and the code of practice will help that even more. I see that repairers have to pay to belong to the scheme though. No surprises there, it’s always the shops that pay more and more for improvements but thats not recognised with the rates paid for insurance claim repairs. Maybe its time insurance companies had an fidality fund like lawyers etc so customers could get help with independent mediation when insurance repairs go wrong through no fault of panel shops who are force to use the insurers specified methods and used parts. That would be a big win for customers and for the panel and paint industry!

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