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Seven Sharp News says panelbeaters are afraid to speak out on the arguement raging between the trade and insurers over payment rates as low as $45/hr. The Insurance Council blames the panelbeaters and claims the industry’s responsible for the ruin caused by over-supply. Who’s right?

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  1. ShaneM
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    Well done 7Sharp, finally someone is taking notice of the despair we all feel. Shame it took the supermarkets rort to get the media interested in the monopoly treatment of panelbeaters in NZ . Well done to the 2 Hamilton panelbeaters that had the balls to speak up but why is everyone else suddenly gone silent. Neil Pritchard and CRA is missing the only chance we have. Keep the cameras rolling!

  2. Ken Black
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    Agreed. Any one else notice the Insurance Council double speak – its all the fault of the collision repair industry because we’ve created ‘over supply’. Really? Come on, the other David & Goliath supermarket manopolys probably use the same flawed logic about corner dairys. Too many small corner dairy owners trying to make a living so supermarkets HAVE TO screw suppliers. Yeah right!

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