24/7 nationwide response

  • Service response outside standard business hours is focused on road-side emergency accident assistance including salvage/towing, and a general enquiries messaging service for response the next business day.
  • Repair quoting, claims assistance, assessing & courtesy cars are. available during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm except public holidays.

Emergency assistance & salvage co-ordination

  • Service does NOT include the cost of towing itself, but this is generally covered by the insurer.
  • Towing costs can be charged to Crash Management in the first instance IF arranged by us via our contractor. Charges will be invoiced to the relevant insurer once a claim number is available.
  • Towed vehicles will be delivered to secure over-night storage or direct to a Crash Management service provider.
  • Vehicles will NOT be towed by Crash Management to a residential address or to service provider that is not aligned with Crash Management.
  • Service includes accidents only, break-down incidents & flat batteries etc are NOT included.

Free late-model courtesy cars & vans, in most locations

  • A wide range of makes & models are available through Crash Management service providers and are suitable for most customer requirements. Crash Management can provide priority access to courtesy cars to minimise waiting times.
  • Crash Management can provide priority access to courtesy cars to minimise waiting times.
  • Crash Management can discuss courtesy vehicle and location options and any expected delays in order to best fit with customer requirements.
  • Crash Management expects to be able to provide access to courtesy vehicles FREE OF CHARGE to customers. If there are any unique locations where this is not the case, Crash Management will advise customers to assist their decision-making options.
  • Courtesy vehicles usually are NOT provided where the customer’s car is a total-loss.
  • Courtesy vehicles are NOT brand new and are NOT funded by the insurer.
  • Late-model Rental Cars & Vans are also available for NOT AT-FAULT customers for some insurers in some cases. Please ask about this facility if required.

Free pick-up/delivery on request, from home or office

  • Crash Management will negotiate with service providers and provide pick-up & delivery wherever possible.
  • This facility is available on a case-by-case basis where required but cannot be guaranteed in all cases or in all locations.

Free car valet at completion

  • A good standard of cleaning on the repaired vehicle’s interior & exterior will be provided including: full vacuum of carpets, seats & interior, full interior de-dust of hard surfaces, full exterior wash & dry.
  • Cleaning does NOT include full interior shampoo, de-oderising, or exterior cut/polish/wax.

Web-based job management system

  • refer to www.crashmanagement.co.nz/communications for a full explanation of functionality
    Insurance approved repair network.
  • Most insurance companies use some form of “approved” or “preferred” repairers, and there are many commonalities between insurer networks and service contracts.
  • All approved repairers are selected and audited to similar high technical standards by insurers.
  • Crash Management contracts with insurance approved repairers to the same or higher standards including certified Structural Repair Centres. This ensures vehicles are repaired to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Insurance company approved repairers are recommendations only and are not compulsory -the customer always has the right to choose.

Time off the road minimised

  • There are a number of procedures and formalities involved in insurance claims, repair quoting, parts procurement, assessing and repair authorisations and these processes do take time, generally a minimum of a week or so before repairs can proceed.
  • It is critical to complete and return your claim form urgently for processing so that a claim number can be allocated and assessor appointed. Repair quoting & parts pricing is all facilitated via insurer electronic systems so cannot proceed without a claim number to link to.
  • Crash Management will pursue completion of pre-repair formalities on your behalf to reduce delays. We also facilitate priority service bookings for customers and pro-actively manage the end-to-end experience to reduce time off the road and keep you informed of progress.

Customer advocacy

  • Crash Management is not the insurer, nor do we undertaken the physical repairs. We are an independent accident management service providing technical repair advice and service benefits, and negotiate with the collision repair market for the best possible solution for our customers.
  • In the event of any workmanship or service dissatisfaction Crash Management will act as customer advocate, liaise with the service provider concerned and negotiate for a speedy resolution on your behalf.

All insurance companies served

  • Crash Management has effective working relationship with a wide range of insurance companies and insurance brokers throughout the country, and we work with these stakeholders to help deliver the best possible service for our customers.
  • Regardless of who you are insured with, you have the right to choose Crash Management’s superior service and assistance.