Queen’s Birthday Weekend Car Accidents

Queen's Birthday Weekend Car Accidents

We’re all looking forward to the long weekend, the car’s packed and the weather report’s good. Please drive safely, they need you back at work on Tuesday.

Traffic, frustration and car accidents spoil the fun. Last year kiwi’s achieved a first, with no road fatalities. There were still 64 reported injury crashes though with 13 of those classified as serious. Serious means permanent, debilitating and sometimes disabling injuries. Don’t be an injury statistic. Aside from the financial cost to the country, estimated at $3.8m for a fatality and over $400,000 for a serious injury, the personal cost is incalculable.

The most common causes of car accidents aside from mechanical fault, is driver related including speed, travelling too close, inattention, fatigue, alcohol AND bad, inconsiderate driving skills.

Remember the ABC’s of driving – stay alert, take breaks, and be considerate.

And be prepared – check your WOF, Rego, tyre pressure, oil, water and windscreen washer fluids.

And PLEASE wear your seatbelt.

And remember, you’re not sitting in traffic, you are the traffic.

Panelbeaters throughout NZ will thank you for your inattention, impatience or stupidity, but the NZ economy and your family & friends want you back at work on Tuesday. But pack your Crash Management VIP card ‘just in case’. If you’re the victim of inattention, impatience or stupidity we’re here to help, just call Crash Management for a car accident claim form and we’ll organise everything for you including pick-up & delivery, and a free late-model courtesy car.

Drive safe, relax and enjoy the sunshine.

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  1. Kerry
    | Reply

    No-one’s listening Crash, another 5 dead over the long weekend, that’s 5 more than last year. We know a few harmless fender benders benefits your panelbeaters, but this holiday result is just too tragic, everyone looses. Everyone’s blaming tourists, is this fair though? Auckland drivers appear to be the worst (rudest, most inconsiderate & impatient) in the world!

  2. Don Smythe
    | Reply

    hi – we were involved in a car accident while on holiday, no one was hurt but it was still very stressful for the whole family. I just wanted to let you know Crash Management was fantastic! You guys organised a tow truck and got us (and the car) back home, organised the car insurance claim and delivered a nice courtesy car so I could get to work on Tuesday morning. Our car’s already getting assessed now. Amazing service! I’ve already let our insurance broker know and thanked them for recommending Crash. No panelbeater I’ve ever dealt with could have delivered this kind of service – Crash Service is pretty unique, it should be available to everyone making a car accident claim. How come all insurance companies don’t recommend this? Thank you again, and looking forward to getting our car back just like new!

    • crashmanagement
      | Reply

      Thanks for your generous comments Don, much appreciated. I hope the incident didn’t completely wreck your weekend. We understand the accident claim went through quickly on the Tuesday and everything went smoothly from there. As the Crash Team will have advised, re-delivery is early next week and the Audi will be looking and driving like the day it rolled off the factory floor. Drive carefully!

  3. Steve Johnson
    | Reply

    Crash Management you’ve done it again! Best service ever. I too had (another) car accident over the long weekend though not my fault, it was a big crash (hard impact) but was still drivable. Your technician has just redelivered my car and taken away the nice free courtesy car (nice 2010 model, thank you!). The Santa Fe looks fantastic too, just like new. I’ve already thank our insurance broker for introducing our company to this great service, it makes everything so easy with a great result. I agree with Don, Crash Management should be recommended by all insurance companies to all customers!

    • crashmanagement
      | Reply

      Thanks Steve we really appreciate the feedback and are delighted to have been able to assist. Watch out for our new phone app coming soon, it should make contact even easier for all your company drivers.

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