PROTECTA – The last remaining NZ-owned Insurer

As a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business, Crash Management really enjoys working with other smart kiwi companies.  Protecta has been insuring New Zealand drivers for 30 years and is the last remaining NZ owned insurer.  Protecta’s success is a direct result of their focus on providing customers with the best value, benefits and service available in the market.  They’re committed to supplying products and services to meet the changing needs of customers, and they’re there 24/7 – Protecta never sleeps!

Solid values like loyalty, integrity and quality drives the company and defines the Protecta culture and their client relationships.  Protecta’s also very accessible – something sadly missing from multinational corporate businesses these days.  Car insurance and claims is of course at the core of the firm but the product is defined by service – aka “the Protecta way”.  And if you thought innovation was only possible for multinationals with corporate-size profits, you’re wrong. Protecta was the first insurance company in NZ to develop an on-line application for premium calculations with full transparency – welcome to the brave new world at Protecta.  But if you prefer the old, check out their latest niche product Protecta Classic, for classic cars, vintage cars, muscle cars and hot rods.

And Protecta car insurance policies are loaded with value-add features like break-down cover and full accident management including free late-model courtesy cars – a sure plan for customer satisfaction when car accident accidents and claims happen.  There’s no driving around to a few select “approved panelbeaters” either, Protecta clients can chose their preferred collision repairer, and free-pick-up & deliver is just another part of the friendly service.  Client retention is the highest in the industry and Protecta’s enjoying their best year ever!

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  1. Don Smythe
    | Reply

    yes totally agree. excellent fast friendly service, great panelbeater and a great job. car was picked up from my office and loan car delivered. everything was totally hassle free. couldn’t be happier and would recommend Protecta insurance to everyone thanks

  2. Villliami
    | Reply

    look like much better insurance than AA for the last crash car not even my folt but have to pay anyway plus very bad insurance service. This Protecta look like best insurance plus only kiwi insurance. I like kiwi company best!

  3. Justin Kane
    | Reply

    I agree there is a noticable difference between kiwi owned Protecta and the dominant Aussie owned big brands, their all owned by IAG now anyway NZI, State Insurance, Lumley, AMI, Club Insurance. Except for Vero insurance and Tower there’s not much else left. Don’t know what their customer service is like but Protecta’s car claims team is helpful and responsive and let’s you get on with the job for a fair price without nailing you to the wall on every cent. It makes you feel appreciated and better about the job so I think that means better results for customers. A much better strategy for keeping customers than the ‘others’!

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