Police Chase Crashes

Police Chase Crashes

More carnage on Auckland motorways, today caused by escaping bank robbers. Three people are in hospital with serious injuries after the Pukekohe Westpac was held up by two thugs who then tried to out-run Police. Two of the injured are the criminals (fine) but the 3rd was an innocent motorist and that’s a tragedy we hope the bank robbers will be charged for separately and jailed for separately (not concurrently).

The stolen maroon colured BMW hit 140km before ramming a Ford Falcon ute near the Karaka off-ramp, causing both vehicles to roll. All three people were taken to Middlemore Hospital. The robbers both have head injuries (fine), while the innocent driver has a neck injury. Weapons and stolen cash were found in the get-away car and the Southern motorway was closed for two and a half hours after the crash. The BMW’s a wreck – even Crash Management couldn’t save that one.

We have no tolerance for car thieves and other assorted low-life criminals who take what they want and ruin other peoples lives. We just can’t wait to hear the excuses about ‘sad childhoods, limited choices & opportunities’ that some over-priced lawyer is probably drafting as we speak. Lock them up for a very long time, shackle them to a chain-gang breaking rocks, or make them repay every cent if it takes their entire lives OR all of the above – what do you think?

  1. JJSmith
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    I’ve had my car stolen, so I say “All of the above” – get rid of the rubbish.

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