NZ’s Most Famous Car Crash

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World famous in Paeroa anyway – yesterday’s staged crash scene between iconic kiwi brands Whittakers and L&P had everyone in the town talking, except the Mayor.  There’s plenty of CCTV footage of the ‘incident’ that the advertising company probably didn’t count on, but we quite like the ‘official version’, the new adv making it’s way to a TV screen near you soon.  While we don’t condone intentional damage to motor vehicles, and are wondering who the underwriter is and what the claim form might state.  The promo video’s cute in a very Whittakers’ way.  Can’t wait to taste the new L&P flavour chocolate too, please post to: PO Box 55306 Eastridge Auckland. Thanks Whittakers!

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  1. Nicks
    | Reply

    Did the Whittaker’s van call 0800 2CRASH!?

  2. Crash Management
    | Reply

    Actually no, they did not, so the driver and management have probably wasted a lot of non-productive time organising everything the old fashioned DIY way.

    Dear Whittakers’ Fleet Manager – just call 0800 2CRASH next time to experience our award-winning service. Crash Management is the smart 21st Century solution for fleet accidents and collision repair co-ordination – another good reason all the best insurance brokers in NZ refer their clients to us!

    Watch out for that big bottle next time too – can we recommend a remedial driving programme for that staff member?

  3. Sam
    | Reply

    Im assuming no free samples from either L&P or Whittakers were been handed out at the time?

  4. crashmanagement
    | Reply

    We imagine the product was delivered direct to the Council offices Sam. That would be Hauraki District Council, they seem a little accident prone so could be a good prospect for Crash Management!

    Dear Hauraki Council’s Fleet Manager – Do you know about Crash Management’s award-winning service? It’s NZ’s best-of-breed offering, and we can deliver a tailored programme free of charge to you. Call 0800 2CRASH to find out more – our lines are standing-by now.

  5. While we don’t condone intentional damage to motor vehicles,

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