No expensive hardware or installation required. 

The MENTOR app uses smartphone sensors to collect & analyse driver behaviours most predictive of risk including phone distraction and aggressive driving. MENTOR is a comprehensive programme that addresses behaviours and driving culture while protecting driver privacy via anonymised data including:

  • Driving analysis & reporting
  • Ongoing app-based  driver micro-training modules
  • Incorporates both positive behaviour reports, and & risky behaviours including excessive acceleration, harsh cornering & braking, speeding and distraction
  • Use of smartphone computing capability to report on –
    • 3 axis accelerometer data
    • Risky vehicle manoeuvring
    • Illegal mobile phone use while driving
  • Provides an interactive 7-day rolling dashboard for all drivers
  • Uses a defined FICO Safe Driving Score across the fleet
  • Creates driver engagement and participation tools including gamification that supports positive competition and improved team culture

The Coaching Tool-kit includes templates help managers coach their at-risk drivers to safer behaviour behind the wheel. This encompasses positive conversation structures for monthly, annual and post-collision coaching sessions.