Global statistics on the improvements delivered by MENTOR show a multiple of 10 to 15 times ROI. This is factored across multiple cost centres including:

  • The direct cost of collisions including repair costs and insurance excesses
  • The indirect cost of wasted/non-productive driver and management time dealing with accidents
  • Injuries and lost work days
  • External liability claims
  • Accelerated vehicle wear & tear
  • Traffic fines and demerit points

Other significant improvements include driver safety and well-being, reduced fuel consumption from improved driving skills, improved vehicle residual values, enhanced company brand and public perception.

Creating a Crash Free Culture

A crash-free culture places safety at the heart of everything your organization does. It delivers improved driver health and well-being, and quantifiable financial benefits. A Crash Free Culture is achieved by implementing practices aimed at improving drivers’, managers’ and organisation’s attitude and approach to driver safety. Only this three-pronged approach delivers the sustainable solution required. Training is a small part of the toolbox, contributing around 10-15% of the MENTOR programme’s “power rating” and return on investment. Significant change requires a multi-dimensional approach that encourages communication up, down and across the organisation. Employees learn through a variety of activities that include social learning, coaching, mentoring, collaborative learning and other methods of interaction with colleagues and peers. Encouragement and regular feedback from their direct manager is a critical success factor, as is hearing from the organisation’s leadership that their safety and well-being is important. Learn more about the Crash Free Culture objective.

Crash Management is the recognised leader in the New Zealand accident management market. With the addition of the globally recognised MENTOR product, both business fleets and the general public will benefit.

As this state-of-the art driving improvement tool rolls out across New Zealand we expect to see results in better driving behaviours and fewer vehicle crashes. Early adopters can contact Crash Management for a confidential discussion at