MENTOR – The Game-Changing Driver Safety app

The New Zealand licence for revolutionary driver safety app MENTOR has been awarded to Crash Management. This leading-edge technology from eDriving has forever changed the way driving is measured, reported and improved. MENTOR is a state-of-the-art digital driver risk management program that uses smartphone-based telematics to monitor risky driving behaviours and assign a Driver Safety Score predictive of a driver’s likelihood to cause a collision. It then supports remedial training that targets risky behaviour by prescribing interactive micro training directly to drivers in the MENTOR app.

The MENTOR product is a perfect fit for Crash Management’s portfolio of accident and risk management tools and services. Our traditional accident management service focuses on the provision of 24/7 accident response and logistics. This includes coordination of claims, assessing, and collision repairs to manufacturers’ specifications to protect the integrity and value of the vehicle, and post-repair driver safety.  Supply of free replacement cars, SUVs, vans and utes is also a key element, designed to minimise business disruption.

MENTOR’s purpose aligns perfectly with Crash Management’s in-house accident mitigation capability, which is based on in-depth incident analysis and reporting. Our proprietary technology seeks to understand the range of circumstances that resulted in the crash. It also identifies a fleet client’s profile, common causes and trends. These insights support targeted remedial action at a driver, fleet and company culture level.  The purpose of MENTOR supports these objectives. Combined with accident analytics, the phone-based driver app is expected to significantly enhance our ability to help clients reduce collisions, injuries, traffic infringements and Total Cost of Ownership. While a crash-free environment may be overly idealistic, well implemented risk management strategies are proven to significantly reduce incident rates and insurance premiums.

MENTOR is a unique product that requires no expensive GPS hardware or installation, so is cost effective based on a per-driver monthly subscription model. Using smartphone sensors, the MENTOR app collects performance data on driving behaviours most predictive of crash risk. This includes speeding, harsh cornering, hard braking, rapid acceleration, and distraction caused by illegal use of phone calls and text while driving. The powerful analytics engine evaluates drivers’ behaviour after every trip and over time, and delivers dramatically deeper insights than legacy GPS products. This involves a five-stage approach to driver risk management used by Fortune 500 companies throughout the world including Amazon delivery contractors. Clients are provided with the tools needed to maintain consistent communication with drivers and reinforce messaging to make driver safety an everyday priority. MENTOR operates globally and helps organisations to successfully manage driver risk for approximately 1.2 million drivers across 125 countries.

Crash Management serves some of New Zealand’s largest corporate fleets and hundreds of SMEs, along with leasing companies, insurance brokers and vehicle manufacturer programmes.  Strong interest in MENTOR has already been received from all sectors, and it’s clear that the potential value of the product is well understood. Reducing crash rates delivers multiple benefits to all stakeholders including improved driver health & safety and general business efficiency. Direct financial savings also result from fewer insurance excess payments and lower insurance premiums.

Crash Management is the recognised leader in the New Zealand accident management market. With the addition of the globally recognised MENTOR product, both business fleets and the general public will benefit. As this state-of-the art driving improvement tool rolls out across New Zealand we expect to see results in better driving behaviours and fewer vehicle crashes. Early adopters can learn more at or contact Crash Management for a confidential discussion at

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  1. Steve Johnson
    | Reply

    This looks incredible. Every fleet vehicle needs this, every driver deserves this. Has this product been tested for New Zealand roads? Looking forward to your response, thanks Steve

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      Thanks for your feedback Steve, we appreciate your interest.
      MENTOR by eDriving has just launched into the NZ market however has been extensively tested globally and is now used by over a million drivers including Amazon contractors and many government organisations. This includes the Royal Mail fleet operating the largest fleet in the UK. There is an excellent Case Study illustrating their success in reducing the accident rate by 25%. You can read more about this at

  2. Hans
    | Reply

    This could be the answer to New Zealands poor driving skills and horrendous traffic accident rates. If it works it could save hundreds of lives and thousands of road injuries every year. Every corporate H&S Manager will want to know about Mentor driver behaviour retraining. We’ll be looking into this thanks for the intro.

  3. Crash Management
    | Reply

    Yes indeed Hans, you are quite right. Mentor is proven globally to improve driver behaviours & skills, and significantly reduce vehicle accident rates. You can see more info on our main website, or call us on 0800 2CRASH anytime for a chat about the technology, functionality and very economical monthly subscriptions.

  4. Leslie F
    | Reply

    Another great risk management tool Crash! Keep up the good work. The insurance sector will be very very interested, suggest you announce this new product far and wide!

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      Thanks Leslie, we always appreciate the support your support and it’s a pleasure to serve your clients 🙂
      We have EDM announcements scheduled next week to to all of our insurance broker friends. Watch out for that and call us for a chat, we think your corporate fleet clients will love MENTOR!

  5. Tui Kane
    | Reply

    Another excellent fleet solution from Crash Management. Thanks guys, MENTOR looks like a winner. What H&S professional or business fleet would not want to reduce their accident rate and all the associated costs, savings goe straight to the bottom line and is the socially responsible thing to do. Do we have any expected ROI numbers?
    Also wanted to say great article in Company Vehicle magazine no doubt you’ve seen it

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      Thanks Tui , we do value your professional opinion and positive feedback, and couldn’t agree more. MENTOR’s set to change the way driver skills, behaviours & attitudes are measured and enhanced. Reducing collisions is a win for everyone, fleet operators and the general motoring public.

  6. Mike
    | Reply

    Bold claims Crash Management Services. I’d like to know how who all these “international clients” are and how all these claims can be substantiated?

  7. Crash Management
    | Reply

    hi Mike – yes, we like bold! MENTOR is a ground-breaking technology product, it delivers a step change in the way that driving for work is viewed, assessed and improved. As for the “proof”, you can see a range of documented case studies featuring some of these Fortune 500 clients at

    For more detailed resources than we’ve profiled on our website, you might be interested in the main product links below. Do let us know if we can help further?


    Guide Information:

    Mentor app tutorials –
    Product overview tutorials –
    7 stages of driver denial –

    Clients –
    A series of eDriving client webinars designed to help your organization on its corporate safety journey
    Amazon –
    A series of eDriving webinars designed specifically for Amazon to help your organization on its corporate safety journey.

    E-Learning modules:

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