Latest ‘Road Safety’ Madness from Government

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Latest 'Road Safety' Madness from Government

Smoking in cars is the latest hot potato for politicians with no more pressing issue to occupy their time. Not an unworthy aspiration in the fight against a filthy industry that begets a filthy consumer habit, but in the latest twist it’s being touted as a road safety issue. It’s not, it’s an anti-smoking issue, and we support that.

Road, vehicle and driver safety is another matter. When, how and what you can and cannot now do in the privacy of your own vehicle is already so regulated that we think ‘enough is enough’ – no more rules please! Drivers are not naughty and slightly stupid children who need better ‘boundaries’.

Car technology and safety has never been better, and the crash rate has plummeted over the past few decades. We think it’s safer to sit in your car than to risk being mugged walking down the street. What do you think?

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  1. BruceB
    | Reply

    I think the government should butt out and stop meddling with peoples lives. Car accidents are not the worst thing happening in this country anyway they forget thousands of people depend on the panelbeating industry for thier living so if they eleminate every crash about 10,000 tradesmen will be unemployed. Anyway the proportion of people that even get minor injuries from car crashes is tiny so banning people smoking in their own car will achieve nothing.

    • Terri
      | Reply

      No one wants to see the panelbeating industry wiped out. Except maybe insurance companies would be happier if there were no car accident claims?

      • ShaneM
        | Reply

        Probably right Terri, despite their record profits again last year. It’s hard to see how the smash repair business is going to survive anyway and insurance company control is the major factor. I’d like to hear from any other trade that has to invest over $250k in equipment and can survive on $50 an hour and less in some cases?

  2. JJ Smith
    | Reply

    Waste of time. Car accident injuries and fatalities are not cause by responsible drivers with a cigarette, they’re caused by one of the oldest national car fleets in the world half of which aren’t maintained to a WOF standard or even have a WOF at all or a rego. Walk through any mall carpark and you can see it every day. If the government was serious about eliminating car accidents they’d get the clunkers off the road – but that wouldn’t get votes from the ‘poor people’ (how can they afford any car if they’re so poor?). Easier to pander to the welfare beneficiaries and destroy the panelbeating industry?

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