KIA Incident Care programme – Unique in New Zealand

No one plans to have a car accident, particularly not in their premium new Kia! But even the most experienced and careful driver can find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, and collisions do happen. Even a minor crash will ruin your day, waste your time, and cause unnecessary stress. Kia Incident Care is here to help 24/7, and the programme is FREE via the Kia Motors NZ programme.

Crash Management delivers the programme for Kia Motors NZ and we’ll make sure your car gets back on the road fast. We’ll help you with insurance claim forms, provide a replacement car and make sure your vehicle is repaired to exacting Kia manufacturing standards.  The experienced friendly Crash Team will provide independent advice and discuss all arrangements including our nearest Kia Incident Care authorised collision repair facility. Based on your location, insurance company, and circumstances we’ll make a priority booking for a FREE late-model courtesy car OR a FREE A-Grade rental car, SUV, van or ute for any non-at-fault drivers. With over 100 repair facilities nationwide, we’ve got you covered.

Modern vehicles are highly complex machines and include increasingly sophisticated technology. This even includes bumpers and windscreens with integrated sensors that help keep the vehicle on the road, avoid collisions, and ensure driver and passenger safety.  The vehicle’s frame is constructed using a wide range of steels, alloys, and plastics that are designed to absorb impact in a controlled way when collisions happen.  Many of these components are not permitted to be repaired at all, in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. After an accident extreme caution is required to ensure manufacturer approved repair techniques are completed to exacting tolerances, and genuine replacement parts used.  Precision repair requires significant and on-going investment in approved tooling, equipment and technician training.  Added to already demanding standards, 2020/2021 has seen a devastating reduction in all manufacturers’ capacity to produce and supply new replacement parts including the global shortage of computer chips and shipping disruption. Customers are stressed and repairers are under pressure to fix high-tech cars and components in the “old school panelbeating style”.  Sadly this is not only NOT permitted, it would compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle AND potentially void the Warranty. All very challenging!  Kia Motors NZ works closely with Crash Management to ensure Kia owners and vehicles are served with a high level of technical compliance and service consistency.

You can trust Crash Management to navigate the way with insurance brokers, insurers, assessors, collision repairers and associated contractors.  The Kia Incident Care programme is the friend you need 24/7 “just in case”.  Call the Kia hotline at 0800 800 542 or Crash Management direct on easy-to-remember 0800 2CRASH.  Don’t just take our word for it though, but you can trust Kia owners to tell it like it is! 

Hayden MacLean/Tauranga Motor Company, Kia Sportage
Thanks Crash Management, you’ve been awesome all the way! 

Jill Harrison, Kia Sportage
My experience with Crash Management is through the Kia Incident Care programme, I cannot speak highly enough of the customer service. A crash is obviously very stressful and to have someone on the end of the phone that actually listened to me and took control of the situation was invaluable. Team member Lynn kept in contact throughout. I am a firm believer that customer service is paramount to any business as a satisfied customer will recommend you to many others. This is an exceptional company where customer service isn’t just a department, it’s everyone’s job.

Manola Burfoot, Kia Sportage
Crash Management was able to assist with immediate towing service and recommend the best panelbeater repairer recommended for Kia cars. I would like to thank team member Noeleen for her assistance on the day of the accident, organising everything and calmly advising me on the phone at the accident site.

Wendy Keate, Kia Sportage
First of all thank you so much for your genuine care and listening to my concerns and I am blown away by your service, so is my husband. Again thank you for the prompt service and email follow-ups giving my family and I peace of mind.

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  1. Peter
    | Reply

    I can be witness to the very good customer service from the Kia crash programme. The reception is extremely knowledgeable about insurance and the repairs themselves including technical questions. Everything is made very easy. Gina was great! We phoned from the crash which was very stressful but Gina was very calm and knew exactly what to do. She talked us through everything in a couple of minutes and had a towtruck there quicksmart which took us straight to a Kia approved panelbeater with very nice premises. By the time we got home Gina had already sent us the claim form and delivery details for the rental car. Kia pays for all this it really is quite amazing and easy! Thanks Crash Management too, excellent service and communications.

  2. Crash Management
    | Reply

    Thankyou Peter, we appreciate your feedback and kind comments very much. Gina’s delighted to have been able to assist during your stressful experience and pleased it all ended well in the end. We’re glad our free rental car offering helped take the sting out of the disruption too! kind regards Crash Management

  3. Bruce B
    | Reply

    Crash Managements a great company to work with excellent staff and ultra efficient. We’re proud to be accepted into the repair network and appreciate every Kia claim referred to us for repair. Always doing our best to support the high standards expected. Highly recommended.

  4. Crash Management
    | Reply

    Thanks for your comments Bruce. We’re grateful for the outstanding service standards and technical quality that you and your team contribute, as are our clients and business partners – THANKYOU.

  5. Mike
    | Reply

    This all sounds a bit too good to be true. Are these even real customer feedback quotes?

  6. Rod Baxter
    | Reply

    I recently Contacted Kia Incident Care after my 2-week old Kia EV6 GT Line was damaged after some unknown person reversed their tow bar into a front panel. Kia Incident Care organised the repair which, while appearing to be minor ended up costing in excess of $12,000. I didn’t have to do anything, all arrangements, including the use of a courtesy car – which I was able to use at no cost for over 2 months, were organised by Kia Incident Care.
    The repairs were carried out by a local Kia agent and were done to factory standard – in fact the paintwork on the new panel was actually better than the original factory paint which , on close inspection, has at least one minor blemish.
    In short, I have been most impressed with the highly efficient, no fuss, friendly (even sympathetic) service provided by Kia Incident Care and more than satisfied with the quality of the repair work carried out (and I’m ‘fussy’ about these things).

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      Thankyou Rod for your generous feedback, that really means a lot to us. The team at Crash Management always give 100% effort to deliver on Kia Incident Care promise, and are proud to have been selected to support the programme. THANKYOU again for your kind comments. Take care, drive safe.

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