Keeping Fleet Fit with Windscreen Claims101

Windscreen claims 101:


Did you know that a 15mm windscreen chip in the driver’s sight-line renders the vehicle unfit for the road and is a WOF fail?  An expired Warrant of Fitness will result in a traffic infringement and fine – this can also apply to a vehicle driving with damage that is considered dangerous.


Vehicle windscreens are fully bonded to the vehicle’s structural frame so are a key strength component in the event of a crash.  Damage to the front windscreen also compromises driver vision and concentration.  This is a safety risk that neither company or privately-owned vehicles can afford.


Some chips & cracks can be repaired but due to size or location, many cannot.  Small chips quickly turn into larger “stars” so windscreens must be replaced.  This can be time-consuming and inconvenient.


Crash Management can help make windscreen claims EASY. You don’t even need to lodge an insurance claim, simply call 0800 2CRASH and provide us with your policy number.  We’ll do the rest and no excess or other cost is involved.


We can arrange the replacement windscreen and organise a glass technician to visit your home or office to complete the job – this is a SAME DAY service.  Keep your family cars and fleet fit with Crash Management


The friendly Crash Team are here 24/7 to provide the same fast professional assistance for glass damage & windscreen claims as we do for our full accident management services.  No waiting, no automated phone options, just expert personalised service when you need it.  Use our group operations address or call 0800 2CRASH anytime.

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  1. Tui Kane
    | Reply

    Same day windscreen claims replacement is another great initiative . Also had no idea glass is a structural part of the car and a vehicle health & safety issue – good info thanks.

  2. Francis
    | Reply

    Same day glass insurance claims is a great improvement so how come insurance companies can’t perform to the same KPIs? We’ve had glass claims before and it took days just to get the windscreen in stock so not sure how can Crash Management guarantee to do so much faster

    • Francis
      | Reply

      Sorry that didn’t come out quite right. I mean to say it’s great that Crash Management can deliver a same day windscreen claim service so the question is really why insurance companies are so much slower. I won’t name names but in my experience it takes a few days to organise and then you still have to drive to a glass shop on the time and day to suit their scheduled! So well done Crash your service is MUCH better – as always!

  3. JohnnyB
    | Reply

    Sounds like you’ve got it together as usual Crash – eating Smith & Smith windscreen claims lunch?

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