ACM insurance testimonialsWe have been impressed with Crash Management prompt service and communications between all parties and their service is free to the insured, broker and insurance company. We consider this to be an excellent opportunity for all three parties. The service is accepted by the underwriters we work with, mainly Axiom, NZI, Lumley and QBE as it provides added value. Our clients are delighted to have a late-model courtesy car and all comments have been complimentary towards Crash Management and the panelbeating results they provide. We have no hesitation in recommending their service.
– Pam Tinley, Claims Advisor, ACM Insurance Group

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Crash Management at a very unpleasant time – with my own claim!  Crash managements team were proactive, thoughtful and assisted in making the entire process an easier one that it would have been. On top of this, having access to a courtesy car free of charge (when most policies don’t cover them) was critical for me as I need my car for work. Having realised now, how much value Crash Management add to a difficult time, I am recommending all my clients to use their services in the event of a motor claim. As brokers, we aim to provide the best service at claims time and we would be remiss, not to use a service such as Crash Management to further add value to our clients, and to make their lives easier!
– Luca Biuso, Fire and General Commercial Broker, AdviceFirst

We have recommended the Crash Management service to our clients as a hassle free way of attending to panel beating repairs following a collision. The feedback we have received from our client’s has been very positive as they have been able to continue with their day to day business rather than having to spend a lot of time dealing with panel beaters. Our clients have expressed their appreciation for being able to deal with the professional service provided by Crash Management and as such we will continue to recommend this service to our client’s. We have noticed in using Crash Management our clients receive the highest level of service and the administration of motor vehicle insurance claims is somewhat streamlined with the Insured suffering a minimal of inconvenience.
– Norm Hunter, Broker, AON Insurance

Apex Insurance was first introduced to Crash Management in May 2007. We loved the concept and were eager to provide the service to all our clients. In the last 10+ years Crash Management have provided service to over 100 of our clients and is a significant ongoing partnership for both businesses. The recent industry-wide delays in repairs due to parts shipments and the lack of panel repairers makes this service even more valuable to our clients.
– James McGhie, Managing Director, Apex General Limited

Thank you for this – it’s a wonderful service.
– Harvey Kerr, Broker, Auckland Insurance Ltd

baileys_insurance_brokers2What we like most about the Crash Management service is that it is totally focused towards customer satisfaction. This service can not be faulted. It takes away every concern that a client has following a car smash: Will my vehicle be repaired properly? Will it be clean when I get it back? Will I be able to get a loan vehicle while mine is off the road? With Crash Management, the answer is YES – every time. We’ve used the service ourselves, and it’s great! We highly recommend it.
– Neil S Bailey, MD, Baileys Insurance Brokers Limited

Barley2We really appreciate Crash Management’s service. All the clients we have referred to them have commented that it has made the process so much easier and it certainly makes our motor vehicle claims processing much simpler. From the moment we call Crash Management we’re kept closely in touch regarding all arrangements for our client including assessing, panelbeating, courtesy car delivery etc. Now that the service has gone national it means we can offer a seamless motor vehicle claims service to all our clients throughout NZ. We extend our thanks to the Crash Management team.
– John Barley, MD, Barley Insurances Ltd

We have been working with Crash Management for over five years. They are organized, efficient and nothing is ever too much trouble to assist our clients. We have never had a single complaint about either their service or the repairs they arrange. We are continually impressed with the initiatives that Crash management are implementing around fleet management, employee health and safety and driver training . We don’t hesitate to recommend Crash Management to our clients for their unique service offering and invaluable contribution during a car accident claim.
– Dan Donaldson, Founding Partner, Donaldson Brown Insurance Brokers

exec2We have no hesitation in recommending Crash Management to assist our clients with smash repairs, and have only had a positive response from them. Each event has been dealt with promptly, efficiently and in a friendly but professional manner. All in all making it less stressful for both the client and the broker.
– David Parker, MD, Executive Insurance Services Ltd

At GYB Insurance Brokers we are happy to recommend Crash Management to our clients.  This saves the client (and us as brokers)  time and effort in arranging a suitable repairer while at the same time facilitating the provision of a replacement vehicle while theirs is being repaired.  After the repair, the team at Crash Management follow up to ensure that the work have been carried out to full satisfaction – something insurers could emulate. For our clients this seems a real win-win situation.
Alan Jecks QIB FIBANZ, Director, GYB Insurance Brokers

ILG Insurance Brokers has been recommending Crash Management to our clients for years. The team at Crash Management are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient; always exceeding our expectations with their prompt contact and excellent claim/repair management process. Their online system is also easy to use and the team keep it up to date with the latest updates on the claim. We highly recommend Crash Management to any organisation looking for assistance at claim time!
– Greg Frittelli, Managing Director, ILG Insurance Brokers Limited

Meridian-brokers-logoWe have recommended that all our customers with vehicle insurance claims use Crash Management’s unique services to significantly speed up the repair process. C.M.’s friendly professional team offer our customers more certainty at a time of immense inconvenience and provide free late-model courtesy vehicles for the duration of the repair. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who owns a light vehicle and wants the assurance of and a job well done.
– Mark Hurren, Commercial Risk Specialist & Claim Manager, Meridian General Brokers Ltd

We have used Crash Management for our commercial clients for a number of years.  The reason we do is the added value we can add to the claims process. This is at a time when customers have just had an stressful event and inconvenience.  Using Crash Management we are able to deliver a service 24/7 that exceeds the client expectations which further cements our relationship and service standards with the client. We have clients that are so well educated now with the process that they go directly to Crash Management and take us out of the claims process which is a testament to how good the service is.  I cannot recommend Crash Management enough.
Damian Alexander, Director, New Zealand Financial Brokers Ltd

Protecta Insurance is owned and operated in New Zealand and has been at the forefront of the motor vehicle insurance industry for over 25 years.At Protecta Insurance, we pride ourselves with our focus on providing all our customers with superior products and excellent customer service.
We have found that Crash Management have the same focus and we have definitely benefitted from our relationship. Their knowledge and experience helps customers through their difficult situation in their time of need. They provide a one stop shop and take away all the hassle of dealing with repairers whilst supplying the customer with a free courtesy vehicle to use during the repair process. With guaranteed repairs, everything is covered for the customer.
The Crash Management service provides our Car Insurance product with a point of difference to our competitors that keeps us one step ahead.
We believe the service they provide is unmatched and has helped us win new customers and grow our business.
– Colin Marshall, Marketing Manager, Protecta Insurance

PSC Connect have rapidly expanding network of professional insurance brokers throughout NZ and we always promote the excellent service provided by Crash Management.PSC Connect have rapidly expanding network of professional insurance brokers throughout NZ and we always promote the excellent service provided by Crash Management. Our brokers really appreciate the added value they provide for them and most importantly their clients, per these sample comments:

“I’ve always found the professional, dedicated and onto it, and my clients have always had very positive things to say about them.”

“I have used Crash Management for several of my commercial claims now and the Client was happy with the service. They are dedicated to assisting the client get a superior result in a timely manner.”
– Dave Penfold, National Manager – New Zealand, PSC Connect Insurance Broking Services

We have a number of clients in the health sector. Their community activities are very dependent on their vehicle fleets and when the inevitable car accidents occur the seamless service that Crash Management offers has proved invaluable not the least the guarantee of a late-model courtesy vehicle whilst repairs take place. The feedback so far has been nothing but praise.
– Kevin Allen, Business Development & Sales Manager, Rothbury Brokers

senecaSeneca Insurance Brokers Ltd has established an effective and beneficial working relationship with Crash Management Services over the last 3 years. We have continued to refer the services of Crash Management to our clients during this time as the feedback has been highly complimentary of the services that have been provided. This includes the ease and hassle- free way in which claims and repairs have been handled, and the improved efficiencies resulting from Crash Managements pro-active management and communications. We have found the staff to be highly competent, always acting quickly with integrity and honesty to provide the best service solution possible for the customer. We have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by the Crash Management Services team.
– Mark Davie, Seneca Insurance Brokers Ltd

sgfleet and Crash Management have a good working relationship that extends over the past 9 years. Crash Management has provided our clients with a convenient and trustworthy service that is robust and timely.
The team at Crash Management is professional, knowledgeable and always very customer service driven. From initial accident, through the repair, to collection of the repaired vehicle the crash management team continues to provide a great service.
We have benefited from the efficiencies as Crash Management has continuously improved and evolved with technology changes.
Crash management provide monthly reporting and access to online reporting to allow sgfleet to analyze accident data and make recommendations to clients that will ultimately improve Health and Safety.
Bryce Grove, General Manager Trade Operations, sgfleet NZ Limited

sthpacificWe have been recommending Crash Management to our clients over the past 12 months and have been delighted with the prompt, friendly and efficient way in which our clients have been assisted with panel damage repairs. Our clients have been very impressed. The communication updates provided to ourselves and clients are very helpful. The service certainly minimises the stress and inconvenience through the misfortune of having a motor accident. We have no hesitation in recommending Crash Management to our clients.
– Peter Muys, MD, South Pacific Insurance Bureau Ltd

Since introducing Crash Management to our client base our customers have been thrilled by the prompt and efficient service they have provided. Highly recommended alternative to dealing with a panel beater.
– Dawn Hutchison, Trevor Strong Insurances Ltd

Crash Management is a critical part of our delivery strategy. We researched our options to ensure that we could outsource this non-core function and Crash Management were both intuitive and comprehensive in their approach to us. We rely heavily on them to provide the services contracted in an autonomous manner such that we can concentrate on our main business of vehicle funding, management and leasing.
Crash Management have proven themselves again and again to be pro-active, detailed and approachable when dealing with our drivers, my staff and our joint suppliers. I’d happily recommend them to prospective parties who are looking for a service that manages the crash process from end to end, they deliver for us and I have no doubt they will deliver for others too.
– Kelvin James, Chief Operating Officer, Yoogo

We also have a number of key automotive industry business partners in car insurance, car leasing, mechanical and the panelbeating sectors, and they all endorse independent accident management services. You can see more on our Links page.