Insurance Brokers – this is for you!

Insurance Brokers - this is for you!

We value our relationship with IBANZ and our insurance broker friends very highly. We work closely with many brokers and we appreciate the opportunity to serve your clients, and we like to support you in return.  We’re pleased to announce that Crash Management have sponsored 12 positions through IBANZ College. We know how much brokers like a friendly rivalry so we’ve created a competition in order to give away a workshop or short-course of your choice every month.

We’re delighted to announce that the winner of September’s draw is ROGER McKINLAY of Seneca Group – congratulations Roger!

IT’S EASY TO ENTER –  We’re always interested in learning what’s important to you, so welcome you to add your comments, stories or queries. Simply ‘add a comment’ to tell us what you think; tell us briefly how we helped you or your client, or ask that question you always wanted to know. Or if you have any suggestions about how we can improve our service to you or enhance benefits for your clients, we’d like to hear about that too.

Each post will go into a blind draw held every month. We’ll advise the winner by email on the first of the following month, and also include your name in our next industry enewsletter. IBANZ College can deliver the knowledge, insights and tools to ensure your success. Enter now – a winner with IBANZ College is a winner for life!

Crash Management was the Insurance Industry Award winner 2009 for Innovation of the Year. You must know us by now, but if you haven’t yet invited us to work with you, we’d love to talk to you about that. Life-time learning and better new ways of doing business is the pathway to success – take that bold step forward with IBANZ College and Crash Management now.

3 Responses

  1. Steve Johnson
    | Reply

    Excellent customer serve and great results from Crash Management. Our company fleet manager uses this service for all our vehicles, very professional.

  2. Broker1979
    | Reply

    Crash Management is very professional and customer-focused and delivers exceptional services and value when collision repairs are required. All MV claims should be referred to them otherwise clients are missing out on real benefits, much better than clients taking their chances dealing with panelbeaters directly.

  3. Celeste
    | Reply

    Theres One claims handler in our office, so introducing Crash Management to our customers has taken the hassle out of our motor claims and the active staff give our clients the customor service they deserve 🙂

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