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We’re reliably advised that the Aussies are invading again, this time with a popular concept from across the Tasman – FREE RENTAL CARS.  Well, not quite – free rental cars for the not at-fault party as long as the cost can be on-charged to the insurance company liability rests with.

Statistically that should work out to be 50% of cases, so it promises to be a great value facility for half our customers.  Our collision repair friends in the panelbeating industry will welcome the news too, and it’ll certainly take pressure of our need to supply free late model courtesy cars  for our customers.

Insurance companies may be less enthusiastic about funding the cost though, their main focus being on cost containment rather than enhanced customer features – Protecta Insurance & Nissan Insurance excepted – now those guys really know how to pile in the customer benefits AND keep premiums affordable!

So if you’re insured with one of the mainstream underwriters and your premiums take a hike next year, you’ll know why, and you heard it here first.

  1. Villliami
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    This is very good but I still get a nice free courtesy car from Crash Managment anyway. Biggest problem for this rental car deal is people who cause damage but have no insurance. Do we still receive the free rental car?

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