Free Courtesy Car – Guaranteed!

We know car accident claims are stressful and inconvenient. That’s why clients engage with Crash Management rather than dealing direct with insurance companies and trying to untangle all the hassles themselves. And that’s why we dedicate so much resource to keeping our customers on the road, supported by New Zealand’s biggest nationwide free courtesy car fleet. With over 120 high-quality collision repair shops throughout the country, we have a location near you – and that means we have free courtesy cars near you!

Our free courtesy car models include a wide range of hatchbacks, stationwagons, vans and some late-model options. So whether you need to keep your business on the road, get to the bach on the weekend, or just get to the supermarket – Crash Management can help. Most individual panelbeaters charge a rental fee for their loan cars, but we’ve maintained a free courtesy car fleet throughout the country – guaranteed.

Most car insurance policies don’t include a free courtesy car or replacement car clause so when it’s time to make a car accident claim – you’re stranded. Some commercial vehicle policies do have replacement vehicle clauses but when you look at the fine print there’s a nasty surprise waiting – usually a 7 day stand-down period, sometimes 14 days. And that’s not from the day of the accident, or from the day you lodge the car insurance claim, or even after assessing is finally completed and repairs authorised – the clock starts ticking only from the day your vehicles goes off the road and into the panel shop! That’s not a lot of comfort or much practical assistance when Crash Management can arrange to have 90% of crash repairs completed within a week. Unfortunately even if you have a replacement vehicle clause, you’ll still need to pay all the costs yourself first, then apply for a refund from your insurer – good luck.

But wait – there’s more! We can now offer FREE RENTAL CARS for ALL not-at-fault car insurance claims. These are new vehicles equal in quality and range to top-tier rental car companies. This includes cars, SUVs, vans & utes to satisfy every requirement. Crash Management can arrange everything for you with our fast-track authorisation process. In the event of an accident it is critical to obtain the other party’s name, address, phone number, vehicle details and if possible their driver’s licence number. Once details are confirmed, we can usually arrange same-day delivery of the free rental car to your home or office – our best response to date was DELIVERY WITHIN 1 HOUR – a record for free late-model courtesy car service in New Zealand!

If you’ve been involved in a crash and have all your car accident claim details, call Crash Management on 0800 2CRASH for the best free courtesy car service response and customer benefits in New Zealand – we’re here to help 24/7 nationwide.

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  1. Steve
    | Reply

    I’d like to endorse this, it’s a fantastic service Crash Management in fact everything you do to make the whole experience easy as possible for us (the customer) makes your service a “must have” for any driver. All the information provided throughout is accurate and helpful so we always know what to expect and when and of course the free courtesy car is the bonus. It’s also the little things that help too like the “how to” claims info The repair booking was a bit slower last time but the service is friendly and the courtesy car much appreciated thanks.

  2. Lachlan
    | Reply

    yep for sure awesome free courtesy cars twice now! Thanks Crash it was awesome to have the spare wheels for when the Legacy was in the panel shop. Awesome service good job and nice people helping. cheers

  3. Duncan
    | Reply

    I can add my endorsement and appreciation to the great service,workmanship and customer benefits Crash Management deliver. For a self employed tradie there is NOTHING worse than being rammed on the way to a job then finding out the other driver is not even insured. My new van was a wreck and definitely not safe to drive. Fortunately our insurance broker works with Crash Management so one call to them and everything’s organised. When the tow truck turned up I went straight to the Crash panel shop to transfer gear into the free loan van and we were back on the road in another hour. This experience was truely amazing but could have been so much worse if we were off the road even for a day. The repair job was excellent too and the Crash case manager organised assessing and everything with our insurance broker and kept me advised about progress up to the day the job was done. The whole deal was a life saver. Great to have the free loan van and very lucky Crash Management works with our broker or it would have been much more frustrating and difficult.

  4. Jenni J
    | Reply

    Just wanted to add my shout out to Crash Management Team for the great service twice now – neither my fault I hasten to add! In both cases I was hit by company cars so I was pleased to see the coverage last week highlighting about the high rate of company fleet vehicle accidents in NZ. Something certainly needs to be done about “professional drivers” (!) and the dreadful lack of road courtesy in NZ. Hopefully WorkSafe is aligning with Crash Management to get some programmes on the road. Meantime, my comment today is in regards to the excellent free courtesy car service Crash Management has provided to me twice. Both times a brand new rental car was delivered to me like this article is referring to – so this is a fact, because the accident was not my fault I received a free rental car from the day mine was picked up by the tow truck until the day it was finished! And a great job too, just like new and probably a bit cleaner than when it went in! Thanks from a very happy customer, Jenni.

  5. […] and value of the vehicle and on-going safety for drivers.  Free late model courtesy cars ( can also be supplied while the damaged vehicle is off the road, and drivers are provided with […]

  6. Ethiraj Gopal
    | Reply

    My claim is must be total loss claim just discussed with my IAG awaiting claim number on Monday?

    Am I eligible for a courtesy vehicle?

    Pleae reply

    Ethiraj Gopal

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      hi Ethiraj and thanks for your query, we note it’s dated the 6th but has just been received so not sure what’s happened there. Anyway, a courtesy car would be made available to any driver we’re managing collision repairs for. Hopefully you called us when the incident first occurred? If so a dedicated Case Manager would have been assigned to discuss all arrangements with you. We haven’t received any notification from your insurer so if for some reason this is still pending please contact us anytime on 0800 2CRASH so we can expedite. thanks again, kind regards Crash Management

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