Fleet Fit For Purpose101

Finding the fleet vehicle to perfectly fulfill the needs of the organisation, however big or small or varied in its requirements, is a process not to be under-estimated. There are typically four types of fleet vehicle: Tool of Trade (ToT), employment package (ie management cars), employee private vehicles (aka ‘grey fleet’) and outsourced transport. Crash Management partners with providers to deliver specialist fleet review services to clients and ensure they’re fleet fit for purpose. This includes the ANCAP safety rating, type, age, and fit-out of the fleet.

ToTs are usually not for private use and usually not to be substituted for other vehicles without company approval. Nor should an inferior vehicle be used to substitute in any case.

Employee package vehicles consist of ‘novated leases’ (especially in Australia) and ‘company provided’ vehicles. The former is acquired via a three-way lease agreement between the employee (owner), the company and a vehicle supplier; the latter is owned by the company but used specifically by the employee and/or their partner where authorised.

Privately-owned vehicles (grey fleet), when authorised by the company, incur compensation for the vehicle’s use on behalf of the company in accordance with IRD guidelines. The vehicle should be pre-approved for company business use, and only be substituted  after approval.  Robust checks and records should also be maintained relating to R&M and insurance status. Alluring cost reductions associated with grey fleet vehicles do not negate health & safety obligations particularly in the case of poorly maintained vehicle where liability would become an issue. There is also the company image to consider.

Outsourcing a vehicle fleet including either fully maintained or non-maintained leases, also has innate benefits and deficits in the form of control depending on the systems put in place by the fleet manager and client. Likewise, ensuring the fleet management organisation acting on your behalf does so in a manner that aligns with your company is essential to keeping a good reputation. Again Crash Management partners with NZ’s best leasing firms and can help clients make informed decisions to keep their fleet fit for purpose.
It’s also crucial to allocate the appropriate vehicle to the needs of the employee and vice versa, the right employee needs to be assigned to the functionality of certain vehicles. Once approval and authorisation has been finalised a Vehicle Use Policy is a reinforcing step to guarantee driver safety and responsible driving based on the standards set by the company. Crash Management can also assist with the documentation and help customise it for client and fleet fit.

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