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Crash Management partners with a range of premium vehicle accident prevention products and services to support clients, business drivers, and ensure companies are fleet fit.  This includes New Zealand’s premier driver assessment, up- skilling and advanced training provider – AutoSense.  Together we can help ensure your company is fleet fit, support driver safety, and fulfil vehicle Health & Safety obligations .

The AutoSense range of programmes have been designed to allow drivers at all levels of experience to become safer while in control of a motor vehicle. The modules are aimed at providing drivers with a series of steps allowing natural progression, enabling drivers to advance and hone their skills as they complete each stage.

The programme provide drivers with either a theory based session, simulators or a mix of both classroom-based theory and skills-orientated practical exercises. Practical experience takes place on a purposed designed ‘Skidpan’, private tarmac track, and sometimes on the open road. See us at the 2017 SafeGuard conference to discuss vehicle fleet health & safety, or contact us anytime to learn more.

AutoSense Modules include:


AutoSence Driver Assessment Programme

The Driver Assessment Programme has been providing measurable value to customers by delivering a proven and focused driver risk assessment report allowing employers to reduce the risks and improves adherence to Health and Safety objectives. The module includes:

  • Instant feedback to the driver about issues
  • Undertaken in the drivers local area to provide accurate results
  • Detailed report on the issues found with the driver
  • remedial action that should be taken to reduce driver risk


AutoSense Risk Evaluation Programme

The Risk Evaluation programme delivers a proven and focused driver risk evaluation, education, training and monitoring programme. The programme is proven to significantly reduce financial risks and achieve fleet fit results. The module delivers:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced crash rates
  • Reduced Asset Insurance premiums
  • Support of Health, Safety and Environmental programmes
  • Improved productivity


It is well known that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is one of the most dangerous activities an employee will undertake in the workplace. Employers have a duty of care under the Health &Safety at Work Act to take all practical steps to protect employees from work-place hazards. By implementing clear policies and a comprehensive driver evaluation and education programme, with the use of the latest online risk assessment programmes and in-car evaluations, these risks can be considerably reduced.


The AutoSense programme delivers clear safety outcomes along with measurable bottom-line savings. The savings resulting from the programme include lower insurance premiums, discounted ACC levies, lower crash repair bills, lower maintenance costs, lower fuel costs, improved productivity and injury/less sick leave and temporary staff costs.


The programme leverages world-class methodologies and robust vehicle telemetry technology which has been developed in conjunction with fleet operators, leading international road-safety practitioners and academics.


Express 1/2-day Programme – the Fleet Fit Minimum

The Express Programme allows drivers to develop into a safer, more knowledgeable person behind the wheel, armed with skills to confront the hazards and risks involved in driving.

Designed as a 1/2 day programme, it allows driver to understanding the basics of how a car reacts to the actions of the driver through to learning how to recognise and correct a skid.  All drivers will gain knowledge and experience that will be invaluable on the open road.  With 75% of the programme based on practical activities, drivers will experience circuit-based driving activities and a chance to experience a skidpan where they will experience the dynamics of control loss. Exercises include: Basic pre-drive vehicle checks, seating position, ABS & EPS intervention, highway avoidance manoeuvres at sped, knowledge of modern safety systems, skid prevention – recognition & correction, driving vision & sightlines


UpSkill Academy

By using the Hampton Downs skidpan, drivers  experience the feeling of control loss when a car loses traction and slides at slow speed. The UpSkill Academy is an awareness programme that focuses on skid awareness and not skid control. The emphasis is on the driver and raising their ability to recognize the imminent onset of a loss of control and vary their driving accordingly to reduce or eliminate that risk of loss of control and to prevent a possible crash.

The instructors  guide the students through a series of situations where they will simulate under-steer, over-steer, aquaplaning, snow and icy conditions at much slower speeds than are necessary on a normal road. This induces a deliberate loss of control in an attempt to teach the student what it feels like, and how to avoid it, in a safe environment.

Group numbers are kept to a maximum of 9 students and 3 trainers to maximise skidpan exposure, and othe experienced trainers will be in-car to provide advice and on-going training through-out the session.  The programme lasts 2 hours with a 30 minute introduction, 60 minutes on the skidpan followed by a short debrief, Q and A session and certificate presentation at the end.

Vehicle Familiarisation Programme

This programme aims to introduce and familiarise drivers to a new vehicle and driving it on New Zealand roads so that they can navigate safely and with confidence.  On completion of the programme the driver will have gained familiarity with their new vehicle by having the opportunity to drive on a public road whilst supervised by an expert. Programme summary:
  • A working knowledge of the new vehicle and it’s features
  • An understanding of the vehicles characteristics and limitations
  • Awareness of additional features, such as ABS and traction control
  • Knowledge of the fuel type and requirements
  • Appreciation of auxiliary equipment, such as Satellite Navigation

4×4 High & Low Range Driving

The 4×4 High and Low Range Driving programme will help develop 4×4 driving skill by providing the knowledge and skills to confront the risks faced everyday on the road, as well as instilling basic knowledge of how to experience with driving a 4×4 in mild off-road situations. This includes an appreciation of how a 4×4 reacts to the actions of the driver both on sealed and loose surfaces through to learning how to recognize and correct a skid.

With 80% of the programme based on practical activities, the drivers will experience a wet skidpan, dry tarmac circuit as well as loose surfaces and learn Vehicle Control Skills including ABS and EPS intervention, Loose surface driving,  Basic pre-drive vehicle checks,   Knowledge of modern vehicle safe systems, Skid prevention, recognition, control and correction, Seating position,  Driving vision and sight, Eco-Driving practices,  Low-range 4×4 driving skills.

Eco Driving Programme

This module provides a chance to understand and develop eco-driving skills, this contributes to lowering the crash rate as well as reducing vehicle emissions

The Eco-Drive programme develops results in a safer, more environmentally concise driver behind the wheel.  From understanding the basics of choosing the right vehicles to observation and correct gear selection, everyone will gain knowledge and experience that will be invaluable on the open road.  With 75% of the programme based around practical activities, the drivers will experience a series of controlled driving elements  along with being shown how to complete basic pre-drive vehicle checks.

Performance Driving

On the Performance Driver programme drivers are trained by certified in-car consultants who will progressively improve car control and help develop skills, from those of a track novice to advance levels. There is no better approach than to responsibly explore and manage speed through high performance advanced driver education.  From understanding how a car reacts to the actions of the driver through to learning how to use weight transfer to improve your car control, anyone who wants to learn how to drive fast and smooth on a race track will benefit from this programme.


The in-car consultants have over 15 years experience in racing and high performance driver training from around the world, and can improve performance at all levels from novice to advanced.  The module covers subjects such as proper seating, hand and driver positioning, line techniques, performance braking and handling techniques as well as vehicle set up, data analysis, and driver focus through.

AutoSense uses a range of venues including race tracks and airfields as well as public roads to run programmes. This includes the following sample of advanced courses:

Hampton Downs Raceway
State Highway 1, Hampton

Taupo Motorsport Park
Broadlands Road, Taupo

Ruapuna Raceway Christchurch
Barters Road, Christchurch

Boomrock Lodge
Oharia Valley, Wellington

Ardmore Airfield
Airfield Road, Ardmore, Papakura

Manfeild Autocourse
Rata Street, Fielding

Highlands Motorsport Park
Sandflat Road, Cromwell

Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground


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  1. Debra
    | Reply

    Good work Crash – anything that helps bring down car accident claim rates is a big positive. Insurance companies should be developing programmes like this too. It looks like you’re ahead of the play with this added benefit in your service line-up – well done. The less car accident claims the better!

  2. Crash Management
    | Reply

    Crash Management was delighted to present at the SafeGuard Health & Safety conference & expo May 31/June 1. The event profiled the profession and featured an impressive lineup on international speakers including WorkSafe CEO Nicole Rosie. Key note speaker Dr Todd Conklin, a former Senior Advisor at Los Alamos Lab in the US (the birthplace of the atomic bomb), focused on motor vehicle advancing technologies but also the hazard of car crashes and the risk to driver safety.

    FACT: 1 in 4 NZ company vehicles will be involved in a road crash this year.

    Vehicles are the single biggest cause of work-related injury and death in New Zealand. There were over 200,000 serious car accident injuries last year and almost 300 fatalities. In every road traffic accident there can be multiple factors that combine to result in a crash – even the most safety conscious fleet operator is not immune.

    Employer prosecutions for vehicle crashes are vigorously pursued overseas, and are starting to be seen in New Zealand. This includes the tragic case involving an employee fatality caused by a poorly serviced rubbish truck contracted to Auckland Council.

    Recent employer vehicle accident prosecutions overseas include:
    • U.K. -Driver fatigue crash resulting in 2 fatalities: penalty fine of 55,000 pounds.
    • U.S. – A vehicle with a current WOF but tyres that had become warn, contributing to a head-on fatality crash: pending involuntary manslaughter penalties of up to 4yrs in prison.

    Managing and reducing vehicle incidents is no “accident” – specialist expertise and resources are required, and can reduce vehicle incidents by as much as 50%. Knowledge is power – whether your fleet is 1 or 1000 Crash Management can help including critical 24/7 emergency response & driver support services

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