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white-cars It was nice to see Crash Management alliance partner DriveLine featured in Company Vehicle magazine recently.  DriveLine’s 100% NZ owned and operated, and focuses on the SME market. This creates a big point of difference as the multi-national lease firms specialise in the large fleet management space.

DriveLine’s MD Lance Manins says his staff are very close to their client base and understand the unique challenges faced by the SME fleet sector, including access to expert independent advice. Lance says there’s a temptation to be duped by distributors low interest rates but this option is more expensive in the long run than the bulk discounts leasing firms can negotiate.

Direct buying also has the significant disadvantage of being an asset purchase only, so doesn’t provide access to the value add specialist fleet management services lease companies can deliver.  Lance highlight’s Crash Management as an example of the added value provided.  DriveLine clients love the 24/7 accident management facility, it’s a one-call turn-key claims and collision management solution that delivers a sure plan guaranteed driver resource that complies with H&S requirements. Professional accident management also ensures vehicles are repaired to manufacturers’ specifications so that the value, integrity and safety of vehicles is maintained.

Don’t take chances or waste time dealing with panelbeaters direct, talk to the experts at Crash Management to learn what your vehicle fleet is missing out on.

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  1. Don
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    I’d like to add my endorsement for both. One of our company vans was involved in a serious accident earlier this year, it was quite traumatic for our driver and because we’re a small fleet we don’t have many accidents so weren’t sure how best to handle the situation. Fortunately I remembered our vans have crash management VIP cards in them so was able to call the 0800 line. The response was fantastic and everything was organised in less than 30 minutes. Crash management organised the tow truck, our van went straight to reputable panelshop (who also did a fantastic job) and our driver was bought back to the depot. A free courtesy van was also delivered to us the SAME day, and none of this cost us anything. They and our insurance broker organised everything and crash management reported back to us with progress every few days so we knew exactly what was happening including the re-delivery schedule. This was a truly hassle-free experience, every commercial fleet should use this service and I have no hesitation in recommending Drive Line’s crash management team to any business small or large.

  2. Jason
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    Does Driveline have preferred repairers for collision? We’d definately be interested.

    • crashmanagement
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      hi Jason and thanks for your comment. Crash Management provides accident management services to DriveLine and its clients, we do that with the support of 130 or so high quality collision repair facilities throughout NZ. Our criteria includes CRA membership with a strong preference for certified Structural Repair Centres, or a similar standard – for instance some of our repair network members have been CRA members in the past and have retained the same standard but shifted to MTA membership. Most of our corporate clients require premium customer service levels including on-site quoting, pick-up/delivery and free late-model courtesy cars. In exchange we can deliver volume pre-qualified business. If you believe you can deliver what our clients need, please contact me during business hours on 0800 2CRASH to discuss. Thanks again, regards Karen Knight, MD.

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