Crash Test Dummy?

The 2017 Ford Mustang is a great looking car with a hearty rumble that would make it another classic. But who wants to drive a 2-star ANCAP rated car in 2017 when every other manufacturer is pumping out  5-star  models and promising to make them better and even safer every year.

Not the Australian Police apparently.  They had short-listed the new Mustang to replace the aging fleet but canned the deal at the last minute when the 2-star rating was released. What is Ford thinking?   Their response was that it’s a sports car, not a family car. Clearly no-one would put their kids in the back of a 2-star car, but after watching the crash test video we’re not sure we’d even put the cat cage back there.

This is a high volume mass produced vehicle, so who’s going to buy it?  With a ‘starting’ cost of $78,000 for the V8GT it’s a pricey toy and company fleets won’t be lining up for it, and as Ford said, it’s not the happy family car either.   Ok, we’ll take one!  Promise to drive the safe Volvo to work and keep the very cool Mustang for the weekends – driving very carefully of course.



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  1. JJ
    | Reply

    You’ve got it all wrong this time Crash. Ford – the home of iconic American cars – isn’t interested in Mustang sales to companies worrying about a ‘ fleet fit ‘ rating. ANCAP ratings aren’t the cast-iron final word on vehicle safety they used to be anyway. Now it’s more about how many air-bags are packed in. Its the feel-good factor for mums & dads and is just sales smoke & mirrors. 5 Star ratings just help tick all the right boxes for company fleets and keeps the health and safety folks happy even if the car is a poor fleet fit for the job. Good vid tho!

    • Adrian
      | Reply

      I think your criticism of the ANCAP safety rating system is completely irresponsible and WRONG. It’s a benchmark used by all responsible fleet operators and the public, it is not just marketing smoke and mirrors or a fleet health & safety “tick box”.

      This is a nice looking car but it’s hard to argue with Crash Management’s point – 2Star safety is extremely poor. No company would buy it and no responsible parent would buy it. Big boo-boo Ford, must try harder.

  2. Kerry
    | Reply

    It’s a great looking car, that’s agreed – I’d have one just for fun. Not sure they’d fit our company fleet image though and the car leasing / fleet management company would probably agree the service contract could be a nightmare. Plus we’d never get it past our Fleet Manager or Health & Safety Manager now with this video evidence! Thanks for the intel “Crash” and for looking after me and the rest of our drivers and for trying to keep the roads safer!

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