Crash Management Sponsors IBANZ College Courses – AGAIN!

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Thanks insurance professionals!

We were delighted with the response to our September sponsorship draw for a free IQ Professional College course! There can only be one winner though – congratulations CHRISTINE OSBALDISON of Insurance & Lending in Albany, Auckland!

Our October draw is now underway, entry is simple and all New Zealand based insurance sector professionals are welcome to enter. Go to the consumer protection website  and add your comments about the service you or your clients have received from New Zealand’s best accident management provider – that’s us!  Or if you haven’t yet experienced the Crash Management Way, just talk to us – ask a question or tell us what’s on your mind.

. Be in to win courses valued up to $500 – Good luck!

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  1. Alan
    | Reply

    Awesome! Thanks Crash, we’re in. We appreciate the great accident management services you guys deliver for our fleet clients and private car owners too. It saves us a lot of time and knowing all our clients can access premium service levels is a bonus in an increasingly “non-service” insurance environment.

    What do you think of the new Vero ‘SMART’ collision repair shops? We don’t write many Vero MV policies these days but how will the SMART shops affect your service to our Vero clients?

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      Thanks for the kind comments Alan – it’s nice to know our efforts to bring professional independent accident management to all NZ drivers is valued. We hear what you’re saying about the level of non-service currently, MV claims have been high and we’re aware the BIG BRAND insurers are struggling to process claims, assessing & repair authorisations in a timely way – delays of up to 3 weeks have not been uncommon this year. But we’re all dealing with capacity issues so it is not excusable. I expect you’ve seen the Vero SMART promo video? The concept has been alive and well in Australia for many years so we’re not surprised to see it imported to NZ though it’ll be interesting to see how Kiwis take to the idea of having to drive from one end of the city to the other to be funnelled into the SMART machine while they wait their turn. The client will always have the right of choice of course, so it will be up to insurance brokers to educate their clients when car insurance claims happen – that’s what they rely on you for – independent expert technical advice. REMEMBER – if you want the best for your clients, Crash Management is here to deliver, regardless of which insurance company the claim’s with!

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