CRASH CARE – a “must have” service for all private motorists

CAR ACCIDENT? There’s only so much your insurance company can do to help, they’ll take your claim and pay the panelbeater but everything in between was up to you – until CRASH CARE!  

We’re the friend you need -before you need us. CRASH CARE is here 24/7 nationwide to keep you, your family, and your car safe. With a maximum call response time of just 60 seconds, we’ll deliver immediate road-side rescue, priority repair bookings, FREE replacement cars, and have you back on the road in no time! Crash Management Services has been contracted to some of the country’s largest corporate vehicle fleets for over 15 years, and is now proud to present the same expertise and benefits to all kiwi drivers.

New Zealand has one of the highest car ownership ratios in the world, and unfortunately some of the highest car accident statistics too.  CRASH CARE is a specialised private motorist service delivered by Crash Management. We’re kiwi owned & operated and we’ve been serving leasing companies, insurance brokers and corporate fleets since 2004.  Now we’re available to EVERYONE.  The friendly professional Crash Team are experts who pride themselves on “extreme customer service” and can deliver a wide range of benefits not available direct from any panelbeater, insurance company or breakdown service.  In the event of a vehicle accident, CRASH CARE can coordinate everything for you with one easy phone call. Assessing – we’ll organise that! Free replacement cars – we’ve got that covered! Quality collision repairs – you’re in safe hands with New Zealand’s largest certified repair network! For half the cost of a traditional breakdown service you’ll receive twice the benefits including:

  • 24/7 nationwide coverage – maximum caller response time 60 seconds!
  • Emergency services co-ordination
  • Salvage & towing organised (cost of towing is billed direct to your insurer)
  • Pro-active timely communications – co-ordinating all parties incl customers, insurance companies, assessors, repairers, and our rental car provider
  • Free courtesy cars OR
  • Free rental cars, SUVs, utes & vans for all not-at-fault drivers
  • Co-ordination of quality damage repairs to manufacturers’ specifications, to ensure the on-going safety of the vehicle
  • Daily progress tracking and pro-active status updates to customers
  • Customer log-in access to specialised accident management cloud-based portal for full transparency & permanent record keeping
  • Windscreen/glass claim co-ordination and on-site replacements (workplace or home)
  • Vehicle window stickers & glove-box brochures provided

For just $60 per year (about $1 a week), one call to 0800 2CRASH is all it takes to get you back on the road where you’d rather be. For an annual cost less than the price of a half day rental, we’ll deliver a new A-Grade rental for as long as your car is off the road. CRASH CARE is unbeatable.  See more including our easy on-line registration payment portal at

The DIY option is so 20th Century – you deserve the peace of mind that only CRASH CARE  can provide. Switch now to professional service with very personalised care – it’s the kiwi way.

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  1. Claire
    | Reply

    I am happy to vouch for this amazing service, it certainly saved the day (night actually!) for me recently. After a most unfortunate driving error I slipped off the road on the Napier-Taupo highway, completely my fault and not another person in sight to help! I googled for a tow truck and found Crash Care. The call centre response was so friendly and helpful, they talked me through everything and phoned back twice to make sure I was ok and again to make sure the tow truck had arrived at the time they estimated. By then my car had been rescued and I was on my way home with the kind driver. When I arrived at the recommended panel shop the next day a courtesy car was waiting for me as promised!

    It did take a while for the tow truck to arrive because I was in a remote place so while waiting I found out more about the Crash Care service and their company Crash Management including a service rating at
    so I knew I was dealing with professionals. All in all it was quite a scary experience especially all the waiting on the side of the road but so glad to have Crash Care to look after me. And the most amazing thing at the time is that I wasn’t even a paid up member when I called but they signed me up in a few seconds for only $60. The whole experience couldn’t have been easier. I highly recommend Crash Care for everyone. Join up now because you never know when you’ll need their help!

  2. Steve
    | Reply

    Crash Care is a great service. Our company has included them in the Boost Employee Benefits programme. Its a bargin at the price and looks like extremely helpful services when an accident happens they will get you back on the road pronto, no fuss, no bother, and organise everything for you. So glad we’re signed up at work now.

    • Claire
      | Reply

      Totally agree Steve – they were a-mazing. You don’t get that kind of service from insurance companies!

  3. Francis
    | Reply

    hi CrashCare I’ve just seen the GrabOne promotion congratulations, this looks GREAT We’ve subscribed for both our family cars! Kinda hope we don’t ever need to call 0800 2CRASH but great to know your there when we need you! Thanks.

  4. Bruce B
    | Reply

    Keep up the great work “Crash Team”. Excellent business and highly recommended.

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