As an essential service Crash Management has been able to continue 24/7 collision repair service to hundreds of fleet clients and retail car insurance customers throughout COVID Level 4 lock-down. There are some qualifying criteria including vehicles used by Essential Service drivers, of which we have many, and more broadly any vehicle that is required for essential household errands including grocery shopping.  Under Level 4 our service response was able to include accident scene salvage & towing, initial claims support, repair quotes & images and essential repairs by appointment. This was dependant on replacement parts but most suppliers were closed, so many vehicles remained locked in workshops unable to be progressed.  On Tuesday 28th April this will change!

Level 3 criteria will apply from 28/04/2020 so wider supply chains will open including replacement parts delivery.  In addition our Repair Network of over 100 locations is expecting to re-open fully, though operating under strict protocols drafted by the Collision Repair Association (CRA)  This will ensure the safety of staff, customers, insurance assessors, sub-contractors and parts & materials delivery personnel. Requirements include:

  • Initial customer risk assessment by Crash Management staff
  • Co-ordination of contactless customer meetings for vehicle deliveries
  • Vehicle sanitising including courtesy cars
  • Strict vehicle & technician hygiene and tracking

This will all involve significant extra time incurred by our staff and our service providers.  We appreciate customers’ patience during Level 3.  See more about the CRA workshop operating protocols .

The ability to operate under Level 3 conditions also encompasses the wider automotive sector, including Dealerships.  Motor Industry Association (MTA) Chief Executive David Crawford says that Distributors of new vehicles and their franchised dealerships are carefully preparing to re-open on 28/04/2020 but Level 3 will not be business as usual. It will require operating in a customer contactless manner, while providing a safe working environment for employees. Service workshops will operate in a similar manner to the collision repair industry, but Car Sales will look very different. Sales must (somehow) be made without face to face customer contact throughout the sale and delivery process, and ensure vehicles are properly sanitised.  Mr Crawford states that getting these businesses operating again in a safe way is vital to allowing New Zealand’s economy to begin to recover.

On a positive note, as with Level 4 lock-down, the Police have confirmed that any vehicle WOF expired due to the current lack of repair service availability can still be driven and will NOT be ticketed. It is however the driver’s responsibility to ensure the car appears to be safe to use.  If in doubt about the “vehicle safe to use” clause, whether due to accident or expired WOF, call Crash Management at 0800 2CRASH for a no obligation chat during business hours.

Vehicle crashes have reduced to a trickle over the past 30 days due to plummeting traffic volumes however “accidents do happen” still, for a variety of reasons.  Supermarket fender-benders and minor bingles are currently top of the list!  Crash Management welcomes all drivers to contact us for accident assistance 24/7 on 0800 2CRASH. We’ll get the ball rolling with towing, claims assistance, assessing, priority repair scheduling and free courtesy cars & vans.  We also welcome the promised lifting to Level 2 on May 11th, and the increased ability to process volume cases again.  In the meantime, take care and DRIVE SAFELY!

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  1. Kerry
    | Reply

    High 5 Crash Team!
    Thanks for the prompt and professional service response to our driver Thomas last night, both he and car both quickly rendered safe and sound. The report came through to me this morning and understand the formalities of claim and assessing are well underway, and courtesy car awaiting delivery this afternoon – perfect!

    In appreciation as always, Kerry @ Moss

  2. Adrian
    | Reply

    Back to lock-down protocols again?
    Please confirm full service is still available incl organising the repair quotes for assessing and rental car delivery?
    And any issues around getting tow trucks to the accident site if req? (let’s hope this won’t be needed though!)
    I’ll notify all our drivers accordingly.
    Thankyou, Adrian

  3. Crash Management
    | Reply

    Thanks for your post Adrian. We can confirm that our full Repair Network of over 100 locations nationwide remain fully operational while complying with strict protocols issued by the Collision Repair Association (CRA) This will ensure the safety of staff, customers, insurance assessors, sub-contractors and parts & materials delivery personnel.

    Crash Management remains fully operational 24/7 including emergency response services. We’ve also maintained access to free rental cars, SUVs, vans & utes for not-at-fault drivers as well as a range of free courtesy cars available for all customers. Please advise your drivers that in the event of any vehicle accident, they can call 0800 2CRASH anytime 24/7 or email during business hours – our friendly expert team will organise everything with one easy phone call.

    Take care & drive safe.

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