Courier & Taxi Drivers Have More to Lose

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Courier & Taxi Drivers Have More to Lose

In addition to private motorists, we serve many fleets from a range of industries. All sectors are unique and have different priorities, and Crash Management can tailor processes, reporting and benefits to suit.

We serve many courier and taxi operators for instance, and understand that minimising time off the road is critical. By working pro-actively with drivers right from the beginning, at the point of impact, we deliver significant improvements with time-frames. We can also deliver free loan vans to couriers, and this ensures there is minimal disruption to productivity.

Professional drivers are often self-employed and we’ve noticed that there is often a focus on the cost of insurance premiums, however “cheap” insurance may not deliver the best result when it’s needed most. Speed of claims processing and assessing should also be considered. Repair technical quality is critical of course, and will protect the integrity, safety and residual value of the vehicle. Another important issue is the degree of control customers have with the collision repair process including their right to choose the repairer and/or accident management service provider. Crash Management’s service and benefits are free, and we’re here to help all drivers.

Be aware of your rights. See‘s for more information.

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    Nice. We all agree its necessary equipment. Problem is the cost, and insurance companys arnt prepared to reimburse us for the investment. Assessors will not allow any money (return on my investment) to use my machinery, and the hourly rate they pay a shop that has probably invested $200k+ is THE SAME as for one that has a 30 year old chassis machine sitting in the corner with a book value of nothing and no trained technicians to use it. They don’t care about this trade, just chasing a bigger and bigger profit every year.

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