Crash Management has been serving corporate and government fleets since 2004. Some of New Zealand’s most prestigious blue-chip corporates rely on us to develop and deliver customised programmes to suit their unique business and operations requirements. Crash Management also serves a range of Government, local Council and Crown Institute fleets. We can deliver a Health & Safety compliant driver support facility, ensure the organisation is fully fleet fit with safety standards to suit the most demanding environments, and provide robust management reporting.

Crash Management won the prestigious Insurance Industry Award 2009 for Innovation of the Year. We can deliver a stand-alone best-of-breed accident management service, or integrate with other alliance partners to develop comprehensive turn-key fleet management solutions.


Crash Management provides independent accident management & collision repair services to fleets of all sizes. A small sample of references is provided on our Testimonials page. We work closely with a range of alliance partners in the car leasing, car manufacturing and insurance broker sectors.

Our value proposition is simple – professional fleet management saves clients time, resources and money, and protects driver safety. Accident response and collision repair administration is time-consuming and requires specialised expertise to ensure consistent technical and service quality. It is a non-core activity for most businesses that consumes non-productive time, so is an obvious out-sourcing opportunity for all fleets.

In addition to our core accident management offering, we also provide a range of service extension options and can fully customise a programme to suit your unique operational requirements. This will ensure the organisation is fleet fit and compliant  with the Health & Safety at Work Act legislation that applies to all aspects of business including driving risk. Standard Operating Procedures can be developed to suit the most demanding fleet requirements, ensure consistency and compliance throughout the country. Our bundled services can be delivered at very competitive rates.

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Service summary

Crash Management provides a unique 24/7 nationwide accident management solution, along with a range of tools that have been proven to reduce incident rates. A tailored accident management programme will co-ordinate all logistics, communications and repairs within the end-to-end exercise. The focus is on optimising time and efficiencies by linking seamlessly with other key stakeholders in the supply chain. This includes insurance brokers, assessors, and an extensive network of high-quality certified collision repair specialists that are accepted by all insurance companies. Out-sourced accident management reduces administration time for management and drivers, and improves operational efficiency by minimising delays and vehicle time off the road.

Crash Management’s customer satisfaction and service offering is superior to all market competitors, and includes provision of free late-model replacement vehicles. See more at About Us. The resources, expertise and benefits provided significantly reduces driver inconvenience and ensures seamless mobility to minimise business disruption.

  • 24/7 nationwide toll-free service – maximum caller response time 60 seconds
  • Emergency services co-ordination: Police, Ambulance, Fire
  • Salvage & towing co-ordination (cost of towing is billed direct to your insurer)
  • Pro-active timely communications – coordinating all parties including customers, insurance companies, assessors, repairers, and our rental car provider
  • Free courtesy cars in most locations
  • Free rental cars, SUVs, utes & vans for all not-at-fault drivers – subject to the third party’s insurer accepting liability for the accident.
  • Co-ordination of quality damage repairs to manufacturers’ specifications, to ensure the on-going safety of the vehicle
  • Daily progress tracking and pro-active status updates to customers
  • Customer log-in access to specialised accident management cloud-based portal for full transparency & permanent record keeping
  • Windscreen/glass claim co-ordination and on-site replacements (workplace or home)
  • Vehicle window stickers & glove-box brochures provided
  • All insurance broker & insurance company clients served, except Protecta Insurance

Sophisticated incident data analysis is used to understand the profile of drivers, the fleet, and the operating environment.  The resulting intelligence supports targeted remedial actions that are proven to reduce cost in all aspects of the business.

Management Reports

A wide range of management reporting options is available and can be tailored to suit. This includes simple monthly activity summary and claim cycle-time reports. More complex options include incident data that analyses accident causes. This risk management tool identifies common incident causes including recidivist drivers, other factors and trends. This supports targeted remedial action that has been proven to reduce accident rates over time, resulting in insurance premium savings. Lower incident rates result in fewer driver injuries, less time off work and reduced business disruption. Information is power.

Health & Safety

A mobile workforce is the back-bone of the economy and must be protected. Any vehicle used for business purposes is deemed to be a place of work so fleet operations are subject to the H&S obligations imposed by the Act. In addition to identification of any hazard (a motor vehicle/driving) this includes a requirement to identify the probability of accident or harm, or “risk”, and develop appropriate responses. In order to comply any fleet operator must demonstrate best practice in fit-for-purpose vehicle selection and maintenance safety, and develop robust driver safety protocols. In addition to a tailored Vehicle Use Policy this can include a formal Driver Rescue & Repatriation Plan, and the resources to provide robust 24/7 response. A specialist accident management provider can deliver all this, instant injury notifications, comprehensive management reporting, targeted remedial action that is proven to reduce incidents, and more.

Talk to us now about how Crash Management can help compliance in vehicle fleet health and safety, and deliver full driver support services for your organisation.

Our technical team & systems

Our friendly Operation staff “The Crash Team” have extensive insurance or trade-based experience including the collision repair sector.  These technical skills combined with extensive in-house training delivers Crash Management “extreme service” every time. Your dedicated Case Manager will be your advocate throughout the end-to-end accident and collision repair experience.

State-of-the-art telephone technology and software systems ensure prompt dependable response from the Crash Team. We do not use machine screening, recorded menus or off-shore call-centres. Operational assistance is available during business hours at or 0800 2CRASH including after-hours and emergency response.

Our processes are cloud-based and real-time so we can capture all the information we require in just a few minutes using client-specific templates to ensure reliability and consistency. This enables us to maximise customer service and response times including dispatch of emergency services, salvage, repairer selection based on known availability, and courtesy car delivery. Our platform ensures clarity, provides a permanent record, is fully transparent and auditable. The new case is uploaded instantly which triggers an automated email notification to all stakeholders.

Our operating system is based on a robust SQL platform and runs on a ColdFusionMX application server. It is a world-class software system developed in New Zealand with a focus on security and functionality, and is capable of handling an unlimited number of cases simultaneously. Our system is a separate application stored on a server operated by US company FastServers, with a separate backup based in Christchurch. The system uses an independent SQL database with a 128 bit secure certificate (HTTPS). Backups are undertaken 6 hourly from Christchurch, and FastServers provide a remote 14 day retention backup. Our system cannot be URL hacked and is hidden/excluded from search engines.


In addition to our core accident management offering, we also provide a range of service enhancements, benefits and reporting packages with the most competitive pricing in the New Zealand market. Talk to us now. We’re eager to understand your unique requirements in order to develop a proposal that will deliver the ideal service solution and ensure your business is fleet fit.

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Case study

A case study focused on the fleet efficiencies delivered to a local Council client was published in Local Government Contact magazine. Prior to outsourcing to Crash Management the client had 2.5 FTE’s involved in managing the fleet of less than 150. This included organising accidents and repairs manually using a paper-based system with limited reporting. Crash Management was tasked with delivering a service that would provide instant 24/7 driver response in emergencies, and take full responsibility for the end-to-end accident process. This involved co-ordination of assessing, repairs and all logistics including guaranteed delivery of late-model courtesy cars.

The objective was to reduce the client’s over-all time and cost for management, staff and drivers. Another key requirement was an improvement in fleet utilisation while improving both technical and customer service standards. We achieved this by stream-lining processes and delivering service over our cloud-based portal. The client had secure log-in access and complete control with minimal input, and automated monthly summary reporting improved information flows. An improvement in driver responsibility and accountability was also achieved, along with a significant reduction in incident rates. This case study provides a clear example of how we can add value for any  organisation aspiring to be fully fleet fit.