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SG Fleet

It was great to see SG FLEET featured in Company Vehicle magazine recently.  Crash Management works closely with SG Fleet so we can confirm they’re a great team to work with!

Leasing is a tough market.  Many NZ firms still don’t have a good understanding of the benefits of fully managed leasing and are easily enticed by importer’s low interest rates and a basic maintenance plan.  SG Fleet’s MD Geoff Tipene makes the point that in today’s sophisticated business environment, fleet operators need a lot more.

SG Fleet have the experience, in-house expertise and technology to deliver comprehensive programmes for full fleet and compliance management.  Geoff also says that independence delivers value to clients by analysing the full range of manufacturers’ options to ensure the selection is the best fit for purpose and whole life of cost is optimised.  NCAP safety rating are also now critically important, along with a full 24/7 accident management facility. This ensures collision repairs and even general panelbeating are undertaken to manufacturer’s specifications so the safety, integrity and value of the vehicle is retained.  The driver support facilities delivered by a professional accident management will also become essential under the pending H&S Reform Bill.

Decision-making based on the cheapest monthly rental price advertised in main-stream media is no longer sufficient to satisfy increasingly complex business, H&S and compliance requirements.  So next time your company reviews the fleet, give the friendly experts at SG Fleet a call for an informed discussion.

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  1. Hammer Head
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    I dont know about this. Crash Managements a good business but customers can just as easily find a top panel shop and deal with us. The police can handle the after hours emergencies and we can pick up the pieces in the morning. Also a good mechanical workshop can do servicing and breakdowns just as well as a leasing company. We do Custom Fleet smashes but its our good service the customer gets. Just sayin

    • Crash Management
      | Reply

      Thanks for sharing your views. We think the point of the article though is that in an increasing sophisticated and safety conscious world, corporate fleet requirements are far more complex than the simple requirement to ‘visit the local panelbeater’. Professional independent accident management delivers a comprehensive programme tailored to the client’s specific business needs, and also underpins the organisation’s health & safety objectives and obligations. More broadly, a leading car leasing company like SG Fleet adds value for the client by supplying fit for purpose vehicles at the best whole of life cost. They can also capture and analyse data throughout the life of that vehicle that results in high grade information not usually available to owned fleet operators.

      Over and above all this is the significant saving in time and resources for clients including drivers’ lost productivity to management distraction – and that’s supposing the corporate fleet even had the in-house expertise to do the work.

      For individual private motorists the same concepts apply, and most drivers simply do not have the knowledge to determine a quality collision repairer from the ordinary. Many drivers now also don’t have spare time in a busy day to drive to a panelshop, and once there certainly won’t have the leverage of an accident management specialist to negotiate the service levels or benefits that Crash Management can, including for instance the free late model courtesy car facility we’ve negotiated throughout the country. We don’t just fix cars – professional fleet services deliver 21st Century solutions.

    • Bruce Barnam
      | Reply

      Your kind of right but your not thinking about how to get all the big fleet contracts mate. Crash Managements answer is right, you need more than a good quality panel shop and free courtesy cars these days you need marketing expertise on a big scale. The fleet service companies have that so we might as well pay them a bit to do what their good at and leave us to the business of fixing car accident claims

  2. crashmanagement
    | Reply

    It was great to see our client SG Fleet featured in Company Vehicle magazine again! MD Geoff Tipene made some good points about service relationships. Geoff’s view is that while technology is a critical enabler of fleet management particularly for capturing car accident data and does enhance the service experience, it is no substitute for hands-on customer relationships. Company Vehicle also asked about the scope of SG Fleet’s service offering – Geoff’s response was “everything” – that is, everything to keep a vehicle fleet safe, compliant and on the road, including accident management.
    Accident management has certainly become the “must have” for all fleet operators particularly with the renewed focus on Health & Safety. Company vehicles are now deemed to be a place of work and the Health & Safety Act applies. Fleet operators are obliged to develop formal vehicle accident management procedures and resources to comply with Part 2, Section 6(e) of the Act. In addition the pending H&S Reform Bill is expected to pass before the end of the year and apply from 1st April 2016. This new legislation will raise the benchmark “hazard” identification to “risk”, which significantly increases a company’s obligations.
    Crash Management can help! We are New Zealand’s leading provider of independent fleet accident management services. We provide a best-of-breed resource trusted by our business partners and fleet clients nationwide including government, corporates and SME’s – whether the fleet is 5 or 5000 we’re here to help 24/7. Crash Management is NZ premier accident management provider, we can deliver our core service FREE of charge or customise an accident management and driver support programme to suit the unique business and operational requirements of any organisation.

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