Company car crash statistics

Company car crash statistics

NZ has quite a high car accident rate, with an estimated ‘average’ of around 20% – that means every car in the country is damaged to some degree once every 5 years, Many fleet environments are a lot higher and a 50% accident rate is not uncommon, with some pool-car situations closer to 100% – that means every vehicle is involved in a crash every year. The collision repair sector in NZ is huge with an estimated revenue of over a billion dollars annually.

How does your fleet’s statistics compare? Do you need a structured accident management resources for your fleet “just in case”? Whether your fleet is 1 or 1000, talk to Crash Management about how we can deliver this for you at no cost.

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  1. Sharon Shaw
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    It was due to these statistics and a company vehicle written off that we decided to join Crash Management – an excellent and professional company


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