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Operational assistance 24/7 nationwide: 0800 2CRASH (0800 227274)
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Postal address: PO Box 55306, Eastridge, Auckland 1146

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We utilise a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform to deliver superior technical solutions along with very personalised service. This secure system improves communications between all parties and allows all stakeholders to review a vehicle’s progress at any time. Fleet Managers can access additional functionality, and review all current or completed cases using multiple search criteria. In addition all files uploaded to a case including claim forms, repair quotes, digital images & assessors reports can be accessed so provides a permanent archive under one easy log-in. The system is simple to navigate and intuitive to use.

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Cloud-based job management portal

The friendly professional Crash Team includes experts from the insurance, claims and collision repair sectors. They will discuss your specific circumstances before arranging all service elements to suit requirements. The case is uploaded to our operating system in real time, and this triggers an email-alert with a link to your case.  The programme is multi-functional, automated, and provides continuous pro-active progress updates to drivers and other stakeholders. 

The technology system is based on a robust SQL platform and runs on a ColdFusionMX application server. It is a world-class software system developed in New Zealand with a focus on security and functionality, and is capable of handling an unlimited number of cases simultaneously. Our system is a separate application stored on a server operated by US company FastServers, with a separate backup based in Christchurch. The system uses an independent SQL database with a 128 bit secure certificate (HTTPS). Backups are undertaken 6 hourly from Christchurch, and FastServers provide a remote 14 day retention backup. Our system cannot be URL hacked and is hidden/excluded from search engines.

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MENTOR is a unique product that requires no expensive GPS hardware or installation, so is cost effective based on a per-driver monthly subscription model.
MENTOR – The Game-Changing Driver Safety app

The New Zealand licence for revolutionary driver safety app MENTOR has been awarded to Crash Management. This leading-edge technology from eDriving has forever changed the way driving is measured, reported and improved. MENTOR is a state-of-the-art digital driver risk management … Read More