blue-carEverything organised for you with one easy phone call…

Why waste your precious time phoning panel-shops, negotiating for  priority service, driving around and waiting for repair quotes. Crash Management can send an insurance approved technician to your home or office, then upload digital images and quotes to your insurance company. We can also provide claim forms and return them to your insurer or broker for you, then fast-track assessing and repairs. We manage all this on-line, deliver your free courtesy car and take complete responsibility for all arrangements. Crash Management is your advocate, provides a superior service experience, and minimises disruption for you.

What to expect from our collision management service


The Crash Management team includes consultants with trade-based motor vehicle experience including collision repair, structural/ chassis straightening and paint re-finishing. We have the technical expertise to ensure convenient and professional vehicle repairs, and leverage our industry relationships to make the entire process painless and ‘hassle-free’ for our customers.

Our nationwide collision repair network includes I-Car trained technicians and certified Structural Repair Centres (SRC). They are accepted by all major insurance  companies and many are also MTA members and/or AA affiliated.


Our service links seamlessly with insurance companies and brokers to extend the scope and level of service provided to you when car accidents happen. No individual panelshop or insurer can complete with  the Crash Management way. We turn an unpleasant situation into a superior service experience for accident repairs.

Our service ensures you receive the first-class accident management and repair service that our fleet clients enjoy. Crash Management will save you time, stress and money, including:

  1. Minimised inconvenience
  2. Your vehicle is picked up from you at the agreed time and place
  3. A free courtesy car or van is delivered to you when required
  4. You receive full and accurate expert advice on claims, assessing, vehicle repair procedures and time expectations
  5. You receive pro-active progress reports including target completion date
  6. The value and safety of your vehicle is protected because it is returned to pre-accident condition, repaired to manufacturers’ specifications using international best-practice vehicle repairs and the most up to date technology available
  7. Your vehicle’s time-off-the-road is minimised
  8. You receive our unconditional written Service Guarantee
  9. Your vehicle fully cleaned inside & out at completion and re-delivered to you promptly when promised
  10. You have total peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle repairs are being managed by professionals


The car accident repair process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Have you got the time to put the jig-saw puzzle together?

You’ve probably got better things to do than trying to lucky-guess a quality panelbeater, booking the job, delivering the car, arranging lifts and alternative transport, monitoring the claim and repair process, inspecting completed repairs, cleaning out a dusty/dirty car, negotiating rectifications and starting the whole process over again. Technical capability and service standards vary significantly, from 5-star to no-star – can you tell the difference? A poor choice could have serious consequences for the safety and value of your vehicle – see our FAQ’s.


Service response is 24/7 nationwide on 0800 2CRASH or email during business hours.


0800 2CRASH is a nationwide service and our vehicle repair network covers the entire country, so we can provide full accident management and collision repairs throughout New Zealand.

Our salvage/towing facility guarantees 100% service coverage anywhere, anytime. Highlight the map to see our nationwide network of high quality collision repair locations.


We’re the industry experts – leave it to us, sit back and relax.