AA Insurance is 68% majority owned by giant Australian corporate SunCorp, with a 32% interest by NZAA.

Crash Management is endorsed by NZAA .
In New Zealand, an AA car insurance claim can be made verbally on the AA Insurance toll free number 0800 500 216.  This is quick and convenient and means AA Insurance can provide you with the claim number at the time of your call. This is important as neither the claim or damage assessing process can proceed without a claim number. Once you have your car insurance claim number contact Crash Management on 0800 2CRASH and we’ll do the rest – you won’t need to do a thing! AA Insurance can make some arrangements, but Crash Management can do better!  It’s your choice.

Car insurance claims follow a similar general procedure common to most insurance companies and all steps must be completed BEFORE your accident repairs can commence. This includes claim number allocation, claim acceptance, assessor attendance and repair authorisation. Crash Management can facilitate all this for you at no charge to you or your insurer.

We can arrange the repair quote and digital imaging process to be done at your home or office, these files are then sent to the AA Insurance claims team by our quality repairer and the assessing process is completed on line. Then as soon as authorisation is received we can arrange delivery of a free courtesy car to you, and will pick-up your vehicle so the work can proceed immediately. WE CAN ALSO PROVIDE FEE A-GRADE RENTAL CARS, SUVs, VANS OR UTES FOR ALL NOT-AT-FAULT DRIVERS. AA Ins can give replacement cars in some cases but you’d need to check your policy clauses first, as the AA benefit does not apply in all cases. With Crash Management though, free replacement vehicles are GUARANTEED.

Alternatively, you can do all the work yourself. In some main cities this means you will need to drive to the AA assessing centre and leave your damaged car there for allocation to a panelshop. Once your job’s been completed and returned to the AA Insurance assessing shed you’ll be expected to return and pick up your car.

If you’d prefer the independence, expertise and convenience of a professional fleet accident management company, call 0800 2CRASH and we’ll organise everything on your behalf and make everything as simple as possible – GUARANTEED!

Remember, you are not obliged to drive to the AA Insurance assessing shed or to accept any panel beater they may suggest. All policy holders have the right to chose the repairer they prefer, including Crash Management. Our service does not add any cost to you, your car insurance policy or AA Insurance.