1. Doesn’t my Insurance Company direct me to a repairer?

No. Whilst some insurance companies do have repairers they can recommend, the insured’s right to choose will always be upheld. This includes your right to choose the services of an independent car accident management firm.

We link seamlessly with insurance companies and insurance brokers, without duplication or conflict. No insurer or individual repair shop can compete with Crash Management’s level or scope of service, or the quality and convenience of our delivery.

2. Do I lose my insurance company guarantee if I don’t use one of their recommended repairers?

First and foremost you are very well protected by the Consumer Guarantees Act.  The panelbeater must guarantee all workmanship, and Crash Management will enforce and manage this process on your behalf.  The repairer is also an insurance company’s first line of guarantee. At the completion of repairs our customers receive a comprehensive Warranty Assurance document.  In the event of any fault or oversight, we encourage customers to contact us in the first instance so that we can manage any remedial work, minimise inconvenience and time-off-the-road.

3. Doesn’t the tow truck driver/company direct me to a repairer?

No. The tow truck driver and/or company has no automatic right to arrange collision repairs on your vehicle, and has no right to pressure you into handing over control of your vehicle repair to them. Their function is simply to arrange safe removal and temporary storage of an immobilised vehicle.

4. How does my vehicle get from the tow-truck company to a Crash Management service provider?

Our car accident management service is very comprehensive, we will manage all arrangements on your behalf and settle any towage/storage account for you.

5. Will my vehicle ever be the same again?

Yes. Our repairers have been carefully selected against rigorous performance standards in technical capability, facility specification, quality control and customer satisfaction. Very simply, they are the best in the business.  Using international best-practice processes and the most up-to-date equipment, your collision repairs will be completed precisely to manufacturers’ specifications, from structural (chassis and wheel alignment), to componentry, to paint finish.  Safety and quality is the primary focus and will not be compromised.

Click this link to view a graphic illustration of the consequences of substandard structural repairs. This video is well worth the 5 minutes you’ll invest in seeing what even your insurance company won’t see after these repairs are completed.  Without Crash Management on your side, this could happen to you.

6. Doesn’t an auto accident lower the value of my vehicle?

Cheap and/or poor quality collision repairs will certainly lower the value of your vehicle. Poor quality auto body repairs can also result in unidentified hidden damage, consequential and/or premature failures of associated components including excessive tyre wear. Needless to say, poor quality collision repairs pose serious safety concerns which may not be identified until your next WOF test – by then it may be too late.

Poor paint colour matching is the most visible, but the least of your worries with poor quality collision repair.

7. How does Crash Management Services identify and select high quality repairers?

Our significant expertise in the collision repair industry has resulted in a highly effective nationwide network. This ensures technical standards are maintained in accordance with manufacturers specifications and supported by the high customer service standards detailed in our service level agreements with repairers. We also work with insurance company ‘preferred repairers’ wherever possible.