Crash Management works closely and ethically with alliance partners, leveraging the strengths of both parties to optimise fleet repair management service solutions for clients. We value our partner relationships highly, and integrate seamlessly to ensure there are no service gaps or duplications. We deliver a 24/7 nationwide one-call solution that co-ordinates all logistics, communications and reporting from the point of impact through to the day of re-delivery. Our service response is instant, focused and very personalised to your client’s needs to deliver best-of-breed accident management. This includes car leasing companies, car manufacturers, selected insurance brokers, and others in the broader automotive and fleet services sectors.

We are New Zealand’s premier independent provider of specialist accident management services, and won the prestigious Insurance Industry Award 2009 for Innovation of the Year. Crash Management supports the objectives of all the stakeholders including improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Crash Management can be developed as a co-branded service, or white branded to present to clients as an in-house offering. Clients can contact us direct on 0800 2CRASH, or alternatively we can provide a dedicated line as an IVR option on the alliance partner’s own phone system for a seamless response. We also provide log-in rights to our operating portal to enhance information sharing and transparency. Other integration options and opportunities to automate manual processes and maximise efficiencies are also available.

What does this mean for fleet service providers?

Crash Management partners with a range of leasing companies, car manufacturers and other providers in the wider automotive sector. Business fleets now expect specialist accident management in a bundled fleet service solution, so our alliance partners have the benefit of a best-of-breed offering without the significant set-up costs, overheads, or resourcing. Fleet operators are also increasingly aware of their Health & Safety obligations and driver safety. We can deliver a range of fleet repair management solutions and management reporting to ensure compliance, and at the most competitive cost in the market.

What does this mean for insurance brokers?

A client’s policies and underwriter change from time to time, so your client may not know which insurance company the vehicle is covered by. They’ll always know who their broker is – but do you really want those calls at 2.00am? We’re a specialised 24/7 nationwide resource and can assist anyone, anywhere, anytime. We provide dependable back-up when MV claims happen, including road-side rescue, all logistics, priority repair scheduling via insurance approved repairers, and free replacement vehicles.  Don’t leave your client standing on the side of the road, talk to us now about an efficient partnership to suit your business.

Crash Management is a trusted business partner for many brokers throughout New Zealand. We work closely with insurance brokers but do not intrude on your client relationship – we’re here to support and enhance the customer-service experience. We also have a good understanding of insurers’ policies & procedures and this avoids duplication and conflict while providing an expedient, and seamless service to clients. Brokers are independent experts in the insurance sector and Crash Management is an independent expert in the collision repair industry. Co-ordinating those two elements creates a very powerful combination for your clients, and a range of unique benefits they can’t access in the wider market.

Car insurance claims are generally not complex but collision repairs and all the service logistics around them can be. This results in a time-consuming and often frustrating experience for customers. Like insurance brokers, Crash Management provides a very personalised level of service that tailors solutions to suit the individual client. We also provide advocacy that helps maximise customer satisfaction and ultimately enhances client retention for brokers. Your clients will perceive our assistance as a value-add service provided by you, and working with Crash Management will create a strong point of difference and a sustainable source of competitive advantage for your business.

Our service level agreements and internal KPI’s maximise performance standards and ensure nationwide consistency, so you and your clients always know what to expect. This is particularly important for clients with large or disbursed fleets, or complex nation-wide operations. Let us help you get your clients fleet fit now.

What does this mean for your clients?

Crash Management ensures a very personalised level of specialist expertise throughout the end-to-end accident and repair experience. Negotiating for service priority, increasingly scarce and/or charged-for courtesy cars of variable quality, and co-ordinating all those elements is time consuming. Optimising results takes a deep understanding of the collision repair industry, and the confidence to negotiate the best possible service outcome for every case. Most insurance companies have established efficient claims and assessing systems but do not have the time or resources to focus on every detail of the customer’s service delivery experience. Crash Management has that capability and focus on a case-by-case basis.

Our alliance partners’ client bases include private motorists, self-employed drivers, professionals, and fleet operators large and small. We understand that they will all have different requirements, but they also have some commonalities. They’re all time-poor and will welcome the chance to out-source non-productive non-core activities. Crash Management’s fleet repair management will add value to your client relationship by helping to eliminate wasted time, fleet inefficiencies, and business disruption while ensuring drivers are remobilised fast.

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