Accident repair management case study car repair insurance brokers, mechanical checks, wheel-alignment, road-test Crash Management New Zealand.Day 1

  • 10.00am:
    Assistance request from broker
  • 10.03am:
    Driver contacted by the Crash Team
  • 10.10am:
    Salvage/towing firm instructed
  • 10.15am:
    Repairer options evaluated based on location, repair capacity & service response
  • 10.25am:
    Repairer selected to suit client requirements, and instructed by the Crash Team
  • 2.30pm:
    Free loan van delivered to driver
  • 4.30pm:
    Claim number received from broker
    PartsTrader & job pricing initiated by repairer

Day 3:

  • Finalised repair & parts quote submitted to insurer
  • Parts pre-ordered ex-overseas on client authority
  • Repairs commenced on client authority

Day 8:

  • Official repair authorisation received from insurance company

Day 11:

  • Final parts received ex-overseas

Day 14:

Body work & paint refinishing completed

Day 15:

Mechanical checks, wheel-alignment, road-test, valet & final quality inspection

Day 16:

Repairs completed and van redelivered to client