Car Accident Safety Message

Car Accident Safety Message

We don’t want our lovely clients on the front page tomorrow – please wear your seat belt this Easter weekend!

Cars have never been safer. Cars technology has never been so complex. Panelbeaters have never been so highly trained and accident damaged cars have never been repaired so closely to manufacturers factory specifications. But none of this will save your life if you’re not wearing your SEAT BELT.

Modern motor vehicles are now built to provide maximum protection to passengers when car accidents happen. They’re loaded with safety features including computer controlled braking, anti-skid technology, airbags, internal door bracing and multiple steel alloys that deform in the right places. With all this technology now available, they’re still fitting SEAT BELTS.

Many Kiwi’s have a lax attitude to wearing belts. Don’t risk being a statistic this Easter weekend, please buckle up.

  1. ShaneM
    | Reply

    Its true and the newspapers were full of it over the long weekends. A straightforward minor frontal collision repair came to us that had a smashed door window – how? – passenger was not wearing there seatbelt and there head was thrown into the glass. Messy and not the sort of cleanup we want to be doing. So yes seatbelts do save lives or even a bit of unnecessary blood. If you can’t think of your own safety just think about the panelbeater who has to clean up your mess. Buckle Up.

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