Crash Management is New Zealand’s premier 24/7 vehicle accident and repair management provider

We’ve been operating since 2004, are completely independent and New Zealand owned and operated.  We’re the No.1 preferred accident management & collision repair service for private motorists, fleet operators, insurance brokers and vehicle leasing firms nationwide. Crash Management was the winner of the prestigious Insurance Industry Award 2009 for Innovation of the Year. 

The service is modular and fully customisable. From the core service suitable for privately owned vehicles, a range of enhanced resources and tools are available to tailor wrap-around solutions for fleet operators of all sizes. Our fleet clients and alliance partners include some of NZ’s best known brands. See our Testimonials page for a small selection of references.

Crash Management contracts over 100 quality collision repair facilities nationwide including insurance company approved and certified for structural repairs. All locations have access to manufacturers’ collision repair specifications. These repair methodologies and technical standards protect the integrity and value of vehicles after repair, and on-going driver safety.

Our friendly customer service staff (the Crash Team) have insurance or trade-based experience and technical expertise. We provide customers with fast effective support and advice, from the scene of the accident right through to the day of re-delivery. Your dedicated Case Manager will be your advocate throughout the service experience.

The Crash Management advantage

Crash Management delivers unique resources and benefits to save customers time and resources, re-mobilise quickly, repair and return vehicles to service fast. Out-sourcing accident management is the intelligent cost-effective alternative to the old DIY approach that leaves drivers and managers doing all the work. We don’t want our customers running around panel shops for repair quotes, putting up with poor customer service standards, or catching the bus while the car’s being repaired! We combine great technology and automation with service excellence and professional friendly expertise.

With a focus on efficiency, service excellence and doing old things in smart new ways, Crash Management is the only resource you need when a vehicle accident happens. Just one call to 0800 2CRASH has everything organised – from the crash scene until the vehicle is back on the road again. Get fleet fit with Crash Management –  the process and insurance claim formalities are fast-tracked, disruption is minimised, damage assessments and repair service is prioritised and the vehicle is back on the road faster.

Our friendly Operation staff “The Crash Team” have extensive insurance or trade-based experience including the collision repair sector.

Cloud-based portal

We utilise a secure cloud-based operating portal for customer convenience. This provides secure login access and improves communications between customers, repairers, assessors, brokers and insurers. Daily progress tracking and reporting automatically transmits regular progress updates to customers including the target completion date so drivers know what’s happening every step of the way.  The platform includes an easy to read dash-board, robust record keeping, delivers full transparency, and is auditable.

The programme is based on a robust SQL platform and runs on a ColdFusionMX application server.  It was developed with a focus on security and functionality, and is capable of handling an unlimited number of cases simultaneously.  It is easy to navigate, intuitive to use and fool-proof.

The system is a separate application stored on a server operated by US company FastServers, with a separate backup based in Christchurch.  The system uses an independent SQL database with a 128 bit secure certificate (HTTPS).  Backups are undertaken 6 hourly from Christchurch, and FastServers provide a remote 14 day retention backup.  The system cannot be URL hacked and is hidden/excluded from search engines.  No username or password records exist outside Crash Management’s office or system.

Management Reports

A wide selection of fleet management reports are available including activity summaries by date range, claim cycle-time tracking, and detailed incident data collation & reporting. Intelligent incident analysis delivers a clear understanding of incident trends and causes including recidivist drivers, and supports targeted remedial action that is proven to help reduce incident rates for fleet operators.

Fleet driver Health & Safety

Any vehicle used for business purposes is deemed to be “a place of work” so fleet operations are subject to the H&S obligations imposed by the Act. Employers must take “all practical steps” to address vehicle hazard and ensure the business is fleet fit.  Crash Management can assist with a comprehensive range of accident prevention strategies and products that are proven to help reduce accident rates. Unfortunately car accident claims can’t be completely eliminated, but a tailored 24/7 emergency response and driver support programme will provide peace of mind when incidents do occur.

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