A Fresh Approach to Accident Repair

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Collision repair in New Zealand is facing yet another change with the recent move of Australian mult-site panelbeating firm Gemini.  It’s been expected for some years and the buy-out of long-standing panel shop Kevey Collision in Takapuna has confirmed the strategy to consolidate independent panelbeating firms into a nationwide repair network.  There’s also been talk of a ‘deal’ with NZI claims.  Some panel beaters are hating the idea, some may benefit from a sale. One thing is sure, the collision repair sector will continue to evolve and ultimately everyone will get used to the idea. Decades ago insurance brokers faced extreme resistance and even independent accident management services have come in for resentment from those not aligned with the opportunity, self-interest is always vocal.

Gemini has been very successful in the UK and Australia, and what works well in Aussie tends to work quite well in NZ too.  Watch this space.  When car accidents happen though, there’s only one number needed – 08002CRASH – kiwi owned and operated with 130 locations NZ-wide – sorted!

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    I agree, change is excellerating for the panelbeating trade and scale is much more critical because margins are so tiny. Panel shop consolidation well help rebalance the power insurance companies have over the industry but only some operators will have the ability or interest in creating those empires. Most will want to remain independents so the strategy of aligning with leasing companies and accident management companies like Crash Management will be critical for survival. I don’t think just opening the doors of a great shop is enough to attract good volume quality business and it won’t garanatee a sustainable business any more. We have to face the facts that any business has to invest in a marketing budget to gain the edge. It doesn’t matter what you spend that money on as long as it delivers results. Whether you pay Sureplan fees or supply free courtesy cars or spend thousands on advertising it’s just personal choice. We do need to keep pushing for a better hourly rate for insurance claims though, collision repair is so far behind mechanics, builders and plumbers it’s become a joke! It’s a major problem so can anyone tell us what’s the CRA doing about this?

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