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Crash Management  serves a wide range of prestigious  government & fleet clients throughout NZ including blue-chip corporate Programmed Property Services. PPS provides commercial building & infrastructure  services, and marine maintenance & logistics specialising in the off-shore oil & gas industry.  This nationwide company operates a large complex fleet and works in challenging environments, and identified  Crash Management  as the most robust turn-key offering in the market.  We’ve been proud to serve PPS for almost 5 years and have delivered exceptional results for the fleet – but don’t just take our word for it, see what our client has to say:

“We have been using Crash Management’s services for  the last 4 years . We value the relationships we have  built over the years and  found the standards and quality of service has been outstanding. We can rely on Crash Management’s robust processes such as emergency accident salvage, claim form assistance, on-site assessing, high quality panelbeating, pick-up/delivery and courtesy cars & vans and professional service to co-ordinate all aspects of the claim. We highly regard the efficiency and the pleasant team members  to deal with any accident related issues and for  quick solutions for our immediate needs. We are delighted to know that we are in safe hands as Crash Management works with selected business partners for the widest range of vehicle services available to minimise the costs and time efficiency .  Crash Management has always been our first point of contact  in case of any fender-benders 24/7!  We highly recommend Crash Management’s services  to any  organisation”.  SUSHILA CHAND, FINANCIAL CONTROLLER

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  1. Francis
    | Reply

    Nice accolade and I’d second that. Crash Management service the fleet for the company I work for ,drivers always give rave reviews so I’ve asked for assistance with our family cars twice now. Our second car accident was quite bad but the crash team organised absolutely everything, I didn’t even have to go to a panelbeater at all even the free courtesy car was delivered to my office. This client reference is an accurate description of the fast professional seamless experience including the perfect panelbeating job, the car is quite new and I was nervous about the result but it’s exactly as it was before – perfect!

  2. Stevie J
    | Reply

    Totally agree best collision repair and management service in NZ. Our fleet contracts Crash Management and all our staff use this great service for car insurance claims. Quick and easy every time. Well done ‘crash team’.

  3. Kerry
    | Reply

    We concur. We’ve had other fleet management companies in the past but Crash Management is the best fleet services firm in NZ by far. Thank you.

  4. Broker 1979
    | Reply

    I agree. Crash handles all our MV claims for client collision repairs and general panelbeating. Excellent customer service with great service enhancements/benefits. the new fleet management incident data reporting is also very valuable especially for our larger fleet clients. Well done Crash. We need to talk about H&S compliance for these fleets too if you can help call me? Alan

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