2014 New Car Range – No Driver Required

2014 New Car Range - No Driver Required

If you’re old enough to remember The Jetsons, you’ll find it hard to believe that driver-less cars are just around the corner. Not surprisingly, Google has been involved in the technology development for driverless cars but the car makers are now taking the idea seriously too.

Fifty years ago self-parking cars would have seemed as unnecessary as a machine that washes your dishes for you or a thimble-sized coffee pod that produced barista quality cappuccino at home in 30 seconds. But 60’s era cars wouldn’t comply with 21st Century safety, efficiency or environmental regulations, and innovation is showing no signs of slowing. Self-parking cars are already in the market now. Aside from making rubbish drivers less accident-prone they could have practical applications – think about cramming more parking spaces closer together to within a few millimetres mirror-to-mirror – hop out of the car, close the door, and guide the car into a tiny space.

Completely driverless cars are just a small progression (ok, BIG progression) and Volvo claims to be planning a completely self-driving car by 2014. What’s the point? Less accidents (theoretically) and more efficient use of time? Not only could you do your make-up safely while you drive, there could be an iPad built into the dashboard so you can start work as soon as you start your commute, or Skype that meeting you now don’t have to drive to at all, or make that cell phone call you can’t currently (legally) do anymore. Or make a cappuccino in one of those teeny-tiny coffee pod machines in your car. Who even needs an office, or a home, anymore with a driverless car – just live in it!

Actually, we’re not so keen on the whole driverless car idea here at Crash Management. a) the job of collisions repairers will be taken over by computer and IT geeks b) collisions may be eliminated and c) we’ll be out of business. We miss those clunky, fast, fun 60’s cars already.

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    Self-drive cars are already a reality and could have huge social benefits – check out this video clip, it’s real – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdgQpa1pUUE

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